23º Fspontes – announced the first classifier for the final of COTIDIANO

The twenty third version of Fespontes formally opened final night time (the 4th) at the Centro de Eventos Seno José Lang. After the assertion of Mayor João Lofer, the Secretary of Social Development, First Lady Odette Lofer, Deputy Mayor Tiago Hansel, Secretary of Education, Culture and Sports, Araceli Basso Tauchert, President of the City Council, Clunis Majolo and President of the Commercial and Business Association of Quattro Pontes (Aquap) , of Yvette Kruger, 32 shows started, shortly after, from 20:00 tomorrow (06) the first certified interpreters have been announced for the final.

In the kids’s regional sequence, Adrian Zamparo (Ubirata), singing “Talisma”; Helena Vieira (Ubirata), singing “Parallelas”; Joao Leal (Toledo), singing “Termina Me Antes”; Loulie Lima (Toledo), singing “Manhus de Setembro”; and Louis Heinrich Oppermann (Missal), singing “Te immortal foi phantasm”.

Also in the finals are the greatest-ranked artists in the municipal class of every class, together with Ana Clara Utzig in the Kids Regional, Julia Toledo in the Certnejo class, Rafael Moreira Graciano da Silva in the Gospel class, and Bethania Henning Sabier in the Popular class. .

Municipal classes

In the Kids Municipal Livere class (ages 5 to 9), Isabeli Andreski got here in 1st place singing “Despreconexada” and Luiza Emmanueli Brandt da Silva gained 2nd place singing “Mayo Barquinho”. Both have been awarded R$ 400. In the municipal youngsters class (ages 10 to fifteen), the winner was Ana Clara Utzig singing “America”; Kimberly Nyra Fisher got here in 2nd, singing “A flor eo hummingbird”; Ana Gabriela Clayman in third, singing “Centa Minha Alma”; Eduarda Machado in 4, singing “Ele vem”; and Lara Municki Mareko in fifth place, singing “Trevo”. There was a prize pool of BRL 600 for 1st and 2nd place, BRL 400 for third, BRL 200 for 4th and BRL 100 for fifth place.

In the Free Municipal class, DiJulia Toledo gained 1st place singing “Te Amo Badi Dui”; Rafael Moreira Graciano da Silva got here in 2nd, singing “Say You Me Humbler”; third Bethania Henning Sabier, singing “Malandragem”; Andressa Cristina Gomes sang “Radenkao” in Lang 4; And in fifth Ranielli Diane Anschau, singing “Like Our Parents”. There was a prize pool of BRL 800 for 1st and 2nd place, BRL 600 for third, BRL 400 for 4th and BRL 300 for fifth place.

The Secretary of Education, Culture and Sports, organizer of the 30-yr gesture of Quatro Pontes, awarded trophies and presents to all the individuals.

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