A closed mouth is better – read Luiz Carlos Prates’ column

I’m going to speak a few man you understand very properly, however first I must go round. Imagine a bride and groom coming into a church, they’re about to get married, he and she or he are on their approach to happiness. Suddenly, whereas coming into the church, the groom stumbles and the one motive he would not hit the ground is as a result of he grabbed the bride’s gown… Can you think about the scene? Could or not it’s that at this second the bridegroom doesn’t say a nasty phrase aloud or to himself? I doubt he would say – “Bah, I virtually fell, what a scare”!

Swearing in such a state is utterly free, with out censorship. It’s price hitting a nail, lacking a beat, and breaking your thumb for a reader… Will you shut up, simply blow your finger? In these moments, even the Pope raises his voice, says barbarism, “sins”. The topic, the reader, is about King Charles III. Until “yesterday”, Charles was simply one other Brit, albeit stuffed with frills. A individual virtually from the individuals, from the individuals. Not now. And those that have all the time been near Charles say he isn’t a lot for a second thought… hmm, so I assume that is a curse phrase.

That led to the query raised by a piece of the British press – “Will Charles proceed to take the oath”? I’ll reply for that. It’s part of life, and for most individuals, on account of lack of manners, swearing, profanity, profanity, nonetheless, there is a time for every little thing… and for some individuals that point by no means comes, the “ban” of calling them dangerous. ” is Words that ought to apply to all of us. A foul-mouthed husband and a vulgar spouse each open their mouths to yawn and say inconveniences on the street. It is price remembering – “Speak, if you’d like me to know you”! We reveal ourselves by opening our mouths. And ladies apart from ladies needs to be cautious when beginning a “romance” from there. It is to concentrate to the vocabulary of the “lovebird”, the tone within the face of sure expressions of life and values.

We are all bare after we open our mouths. Deputies are consultants on this matter, in order that bums, tie or not, do not attempt to knock over a policeman. It’s going to worsen. And in our private lives we should be our attentive “representatives,” or else we will likely be disadvantaged of deceptive phrases. And as for you, Charles III, you’d better preserve your mouth shut.


OK, so her guide was written many a long time in the past – “Corio para Mulheres”, newspaper columnist and creator Clarice Lispector (1920/1977), a girl with a mysterious and seductive air, too lovely for my style… Clarice She It is written that – “To be slim, lovely and wholesome, needs to be the purpose of this contemporary and clever girl”. Well, I already assume that an important girl is a girl, no matter she is …


One might imagine that I need to say that exterior magnificence is one thing empty, nugatory. And that. Or will somebody make me imagine that marriage will solely work if he is Apollo and she or he is Aphrodite? In distinction, marriages are the shortest. Beauty comes from one’s personal gentle, there is no lamp with out this “little gentle” that offers again… You love from the within, the one who loves from the surface will search for on the stars and sigh into nothingness.

Failed to say

Headline from Metropoles web site – “Find Out How Much Every Famous Pastor Earns Per Show”. A well-known priest? Fame or cash? Famous or opportunistic? Also, the “as soon as upon a time” vows of poverty and humility that monks have been to “take”? I needed them to sing in my police station, oh, they’d be off the tune…


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