All Flowers: Meet Gamboa’s Main Cast

Brazil – Todas as Flores is an upcoming Brazilian telenovela written by Joao Emmanuel Carneiro and will likely be proven on the Globoplay platform, with its premiere scheduled for October 17. Gamboa’s principal forged represents many Brazilian households, displaying how a lot love and confusion can exist in a household atmosphere, but in addition confronting essential pointers.

At a press convention this Friday (23), The Gamboa was current within the chat with a number of the actors taking part in the principle characters, together with Douglas Silva as Oberdon, Mumuzinho as Joca, Zande de Pilares as Darcy, Michelle Machado as Chininha, Zeze Mota as Darcy, Heloisa Honin as Brenda, Mary. Sheila as Jussara, Leonardo Lima as Selinho and Joanna Burjek as Jave.

About the characters

Oberdon (Douglas Silva), Celinho (Leonardo Lima Carvalho) and Jusara (Mary Sheila) in Todas as Flores.  (Photo: Globo / Estevem Avelar)
Oberdon (Douglas Silva), Celinho (Leonardo Lima Carvalho) and Jusara (Mary Sheila) in Todas as Flores. (Photo: Globo / Estevem Avelar)

Oberdon is obsessed with samba, pagodas, barbecues, beer and ladies, a personality who has priapism (an involuntary and chronic erection) and makes use of it to his benefit in some conditions. Despite all this, Oberdon marries Jussara, a really profitable singer, who is totally in love together with her husband and all the time forgives his angle with a view to save their marriage. Both are the mother and father of Selinho, who has a really completely different character from his father, a quiet, shy boy who selected to attend for the best girl to come back alongside. But Brenda messes with the boy’s emotions.

“She is a lady who loves Oberdon very a lot. Jussara is dazed, residing on the wave of her success.”, Mary Sheila mentioned of her character. “I did City of God with Douglas and now 20 years later I’m taking part in his spouse, who would have imagined, There is one. Honour”, he concluded.

“Celinho is a really targeted boy, who is aware of what he desires, he is very household and that is our largest similarity, he is an excellent man and he selected to attend for the best girl. But this wait In between, a lady seems who messes with him, however he’s very agency”, mentioned actor Leonardo Lima.

Seu Darci (Xande de Pilars).  (Photo: Globo / Estevem Avelar)
Seu Darci (Xande de Pilars). (Photo: Globo / Estevem Avelar)

Seu Darcy is the doorman and drum director on the Filhos de Gamboa samba college, a person who could be very obsessed with his spouse and household. The actor took the chance to say that he by no means imagined that sooner or later he can be doing a cleaning soap opera.

“I lived on a hill and did not exit to play a lot, so my childhood pastime was watching cleaning soap operas. I’m a really shy individual, though very playful, so I studied theater to lose that shyness. I really feel very welcome by the artists”, mentioned Zande on the press convention.

Chininha (Michelle Machado).  (Photo: Globo / Estevem Avelar)
Chininha (Michelle Machado). (Photo: Globo / Estevem Avelar)

Chininha is sort of a dreamy character, who desires to turn into an actress and is keen to do something to make her dream come true. But he took a break from that dream to pursue a relationship along with his past love, Darcy. Jave is Darcy’s son, however Chinnha all the time made it a degree to take care of the boy as if he have been her son too. She meets Joka, who lies by claiming to be a movie director and producer, falling in love with him, considering that her dream will come true.

“The indisputable fact that she’s so visionary and believes that even coming from a neighborhood, being a black and poor girl, that sooner or later she’ll do a cleaning soap opera and fulfill her dream of being an actress, I feel I’m together with her. I do know rather a lot. That, all the time imagine in your self”, she mentioned.

play (mumuzinho).  (Photo: Globo / Estevem Avelar)
play (mumuzinho). (Photo: Globo / Estevem Avelar)

Joka is a born musician and winner and has an affair with Mauritania, however on a visit to the Gamboa district he meets Chininha and pretends to be a movie director and producer to win her over. In the top each cheat one another.

“Sometimes it would not sink in, as a result of since I used to be younger I needed to make artwork in Brazil, whether or not it was performing or singing. The total workforce could be very pleased with the matters chosen to deal with. The cleaning soap opera is instructing me rather a lot,” mentioned Mumuzinho.

Jove (Jonah Burjack).  (Photo: Globo / Estevem Avelar)
Jove (Jonah Burjack). (Photo: Globo / Estevem Avelar)

Jove is Darcy’s son, a boy who resembled his father in character, fairly an excellent boy. He dates his cousin Brenda and like Chininha, he provides up his goals to lift Brenda’s son. Jove hates Selinho for being in love with Brenda and coming to his home.

Brenda (Heloisa Honin).  (Photo: Globo / Estevem Avelar)
Brenda (Heloisa Honin). (Photo: Globo / Estevem Avelar)

Brenda is the granddaughter of Donna Darcy, the niece of Chinnha and Mr. Darcy, deserted by her mom Mauritania when she was very younger. Brenda dates her cousin Jove and the 2 increase her son, she says she would not know who her son’s father is however she simply would not wish to reveal who he’s. She makes use of her sensuality to seduce Selinho. She can be a really dreamy lady and is able to be a part of any man to realize her targets.

Donna Darcy (Zez Motta).  (Photo: Globo / Estevem Avelar)
Donna Darcy (Zez Motta). (Photo: Globo / Estevem Avelar)

Donna Darcy is Chininha and Mauritania’s mom, Brenda and Jove’s grandmother, and Darcy’s mother-in-law. He cooks very poorly however sells scorching on the road to help his household. He likes to settle all the pieces primarily based on screams, he kicked Brenda’s mom out of the home. But she could be very hardworking and has a singular method of loving her daughters and grandchildren.

Curiosity behind the scenes

While the units are being dismantled, the actors benefit from the second to benefit from the meals, particularly through the breakfast scenes.

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