Body rash? See what are the warning signs for skin cancer – 08/12/2022

How usually do you analyze your personal skin, together with your scalp, ears, again, non-public components, and even your fingernails? The face, neck and higher chest areas are to be scanned extra often, nonetheless Knowing the full extent of skin — the largest organ in the human physique — is essential to conserving your well being updated.

Finally, by way of periodic evaluation – carried out at house, each three months -, it’s attainable to look at the look of latest lesions, in addition to modifications in the current one, for instance, a birthmark that begins to vary colour, grows. In measurement or bleeding, lists Marco Tulio Cavalcante Oliveira, dermatologist at the Walter Cantidio University Hospital, at the UFC Hospital Complex (Federal University of Serra), affiliated to the Abcerh Network (Brazilian Company of Hospital Services).

Self-examination doesn’t change a face-to-face session during which a dermatologist evaluates the complete skin According to Karina Passos, a SBD (Brazilian Society of Dermatology) licensed dermatologist working in Recife, PE, utilizing instruments like a magnifying glass and dermatoscope, that will increase accuracy.

For sufferers and not using a historical past of skin cancer, the recommendation is to go to a specialist a minimum of annually or to get checked at any time when there’s a suspicion or anomaly.


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Experts counsel {that a} technique needs to be established in order that no a part of the physique is forgotten in the self-examination. Knowing the skin nicely and understanding which areas have moles makes all the distinction when trying for any irregularities.

  • Examination at house needs to be achieved undressed and unhurried;
  • in entrance of a mirror, ideally full-size and in a nicely-lit space, beginning with the face, together with the lips, shifting to the entrance of the neck;
  • Next, analyze the thorax, arms, elbows and forearms;
  • Check backs of fingers and palms;
  • Don’t overlook the nails: Look for darkish strains or thickening that does not enhance with standard therapies;
  • Raise your arms and look at your armpits;
  • Proceed by checking the decrease physique: thighs, knees and toes;
  • Then go to the again, with the assist of one other mirror, concentrate on the again of the neck, the again, the again of the thighs, the knees and the legs;
  • look at the complete scalp, ears and behind them;
  • Also verify the genital areas and buttocks and at last,
  • Sit down and look at the tops and bottoms of the toes, between the toes, and toenails.
  • Children and the aged need assistance from others to introspect.

What to see?

First, familiarize your self with current signs in an effort to comply with them continually, recognizing new moles and any modifications in previous ones.

Skin cancer appears like moles, eczema or different benign manifestations, so it may be detected throughout self-examination:

  • A raised, shiny, translucent, pink, brown, pink, or iridescent lesion with a central crust that bleeds simply.??
  • A black or brown mole that modifications colour, texture, turns into irregular at the edges and will increase in measurement??
  • A rash or sore that doesn’t heal, that continues to develop and is itchy, crusty, oozing, or bleeding.

The suggestion of the specialists interviewed is at all times to be thought-about ABCDE rule When trying for modifications in the form, colour and measurement of spots:

ABCDE Regulation Sites - Reproduction/Melanoma Brazil - Reproduction/Melanoma Brazil
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A – Asymmetry: When dividing a mole in half, it needs to be symmetrical, that’s, have equal sides. Be suspicious if there may be asymmetry.

B – Edge: The edges of the suggestions needs to be even. If they are reduce like a map, it’s essential to verify.

C – Color: The colour needs to be uniform in order to not signify hazards. The extra heterogeneous the colour of the mole with completely different colours like pink, white, black, blue, the extra harmful it’s.

D – Diameter: The diameter of the marks mustn’t exceed 0.5 cm.

E – Evolution: If there may be latest progress or a change in colour, the mole must be examined extra intently.

If you watched any look, seek the advice of a health care provider for correct prognosis and remedy.

“It’s higher to learn about which lesions are not worrisome than to remain house with doubtlessly harmful ones”, say Elimar Gomes and Marcelo Sato Sano, dermatologists of the Together Against Melanoma of the GBM (Grupo Brasileiro de Melanoma) program. Trains, freed from cost, professionals akin to hairdressers, podiatrists, manicurists and tattooists, who can detect early signs or signs of their purchasers.

Regarding new lesions or ones that are altering, completely different from others, specialists warn Never try and deal with them at house with out first evaluating themBecause the use of acid or cooling can deal with their floor, which causes a false look of correction, thus delaying the prognosis.

According to Paola Pomerantzef, dermatologist and member of the SBD and SBCD (Brazilian Society of Dermatological Surgery), time is of the essence for the most severe skin cancer, melanoma. “The earlier the prognosis, the higher the probability of remedy.”

Prevalence of skin cancer

  • The most frequent malignant tumor in Brazil is non-melanoma skin
  • They account for 31.3% of the complete circumstances in the nation
  • They seem primarily in sufferers over the age of 60 – on lengthy-uncovered areas of the face, ears and neck – and may seem as pink spots, scabs or sores that don’t heal.
  • Melanoma, on the different hand, is a cancer that derives from the cells that give skin pigmentation, melanocytes, and seems as darkish spots that develop at a quicker fee or previous marks that change.
  • They seem in each solar-lit and open areas. Because they are much less seen, they are recognized later
  • Melanoma is commonest on the legs and again in girls and on the again in males.
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which is a part of the individuals High danger group for skin cancer They ought to see one another extra often and hold their self-exams updated. They are:

  • Very honest skin, mild hair and freckles;
  • Fair skin and over 50 years of age;
  • a number of moles, greater than 50;
  • private historical past of skin cancer;
  • household historical past of skin cancer;
  • use of medication that scale back immunity;
  • Illnesses that decrease immunity;
  • earlier remedy with phototherapy;
  • Use of tanning beds and
  • A historical past of sunburn, particularly in childhood.

“In the prevention of skin cancer, it’s important Use high quality sunscreen, keep out of the solar between 10 am and 4 pm and in addition strengthen bodily safety, huge-brimmed hats and lengthy-sleeved clothes.“, concludes the UFC Hospital Complex dermatologist.

marketing campaign of December Orange, organized by SBD, promotes consciousness about the risks of skin cancer. This yr, the search for consciousness focuses on alerting to the want for everlasting preventive care, whether or not throughout leisure time (at the seaside, in parks, amongst others), but additionally throughout the each day routine, together with the each day duties of labor. .

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