Chickenpox: 65% increase in cases in São Paulo; See what the symptoms are

variety of cases of ChickenpoxA preferred title for chickenpox, The metropolis of São Paulo has grown by 65% in 2022, in comparison with 2021 information. As of October of this yr, there have been 213 confirmed cases of an infection with the varicella-zoster virus, which causes the illness, and 56 outbreaks (when cases all of a sudden increase). In 2021, there have been 129 cases of chickenpox in São Paulo. This information is from a survey carried out by City Hall of Sao Paulo??

Marcio Nehab, a pediatric infectious illness specialist at the Fernández Figueira National Institute of Women, Children and Adolescents Health (IFF/Fiocruz), factors out this. Low vaccination protection The fundamental purpose for the increase in the illness is in opposition to chickenpox. Today, there’s a tetraviral vaccine, which protects in opposition to the illness Coverage of lower than 50% of the nationwide goal inhabitants, According to an evaluation by Observe Infencia (Fiocruz/Uniface).

Therefore, right now, the physician assesses that “it’s important that folks replace their kids’s vaccination playing cards as quickly as attainable and hold kids away from faculties in the event that they present symptoms of chickenpox”.

in Brazil, Children and unvaccinated individuals are the most affected by this illness?? This is as a result of, after catching the illness as soon as – which often occurs in childhood, as a result of the virus is very contagious and circulates simply in day care facilities and faculties – an individual turns into resistant to it.

“The likelihood of getting hen pox is twice, however, particularly for vaccinated individuals, the likelihood could be very low and the individual will in all probability have few lesions”, explains the infectologist.

The Tetra Viral Vaccine (SCR-V) Available at Program of National Immunization (PNI) And Protects in opposition to hen pox, mumps, measles and rubella. It should be utilized in Two photographs: One at the age of 15 months and the different at the age of 4 years.

In Brazil, the most affected by the illness are kids and unvaccinated individuals. Photograph: Marcelo Camargo/Agency Brazil

According to FiocruzResponsible for nationwide manufacturing of immunizers The first dose of the vaccine already ensures 85% safety Against hen pox and With the second dose, safety is 97%?? Thus, if contaminated with the virus, the symptoms are gentle and don’t develop right into a severe situation that requires hospitalization.

In addition to viral tetra, there’s additionally Blocked vaccine People who’ve had current contact with contaminated individuals can take it. “You can take the blocked vaccine as much as 4 days after contact with an contaminated individual and this reduces your possibilities of creating chickenpox”, explains Marcio Nehab. Vaccination can also be made accessible by Unified Health System (SUS)??

The most typical symptoms of chickenpox are: look of Red spots or blisters on the physique?? itching?? Low to reasonable fever With a median length of 4 days, Uncomfortable?? tiredness?? headache And Loss of urge for food?? They often begin between 10 and 21 days after an infection.

A correct analysis of the illness is critical in keeping with the physician. “One ought to discover a well being put up or a personal hospital”, he says. Usually, the illness is recognized after scientific examination, nevertheless, in chickenpox Similar symptoms to Mpox (new title for monkeypox), in some cases serological testing is critical to verify the illness and procure acceptable indications for remedy.

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In normal, there is no such thing as a particular remedy for chickenpox. Infectologists suggest warning Skin hygiene, wash it usually with cleaning soap and water. In addition, it is very important reduce the nails nicely and Avoid scratching the woundBecause this will increase the threat of secondary bacterial infections.

If the affected person has fever, the use of acetylsalicylic acid needs to be prevented as it might result in problems. In extreme cases of the illness, the use of a drug referred to as acyclovir could also be prescribed, however this will depend on particular person medical analysis.

That can also be vital Isolate the affected person for seven days From the look of pores and skin lesions, to keep away from transmission.

Natalie Del-Vecchio, pediatric infectologist and coordinator of the Hospital Infection Control Commission (CCIH) at IFF/Fiocruz, warns of the significance of avoiding an infection and never underestimating the illness.

“In the previous, many individuals inspired kids to get chickenpox in order that they’d not endure from the illness as adults. But like different illnesses, hen pox can develop right into a extreme type and result in demise even in wholesome kids”, says the physician.

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In some cases, it’s attainable to result in chickenpox Severe secondary an infectionwhich may trigger frames EncephalitisFor instance, which is an inflammatory illness of the central nervous system that may result in demise.

Patients Immunosuppressed (People with autoimmune illnesses, who’ve had organ transplants, residing with the AIDS virus, present process chemotherapy, and many others.) Newborns and pregnant ladies are threat teams.

“Therefore, an infection shouldn’t be inspired. This is totally fallacious steering. Only the vaccine protects in opposition to an infection”, continues the physician.

“If the youngster will not be vaccinated at the indicated age and the vaccine is overdue, dad and mom can and will take them to a well being heart, the place they are going to be vaccinated and guarded in opposition to chickenpox.”

May be associated to the finish of a interval of excessive social isolation, City Hall factors out

The municipal well being secretariat stated that “a number of circumstances” might clarify the discharge, reminiscent of “the circulation of youngsters after an extended interval of intermittent social isolation imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021, growing the threat of extra kids being uncovered. At the identical time For numerous viruses circulating in the surroundings.

“The company clarifies that outbreak notifications are issued when there are data of chickenpox cases in particular places reminiscent of day care facilities, hospitals, faculties, and many others.,” the folder detailed.

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The Secretariat additionally identified that outbreaks are investigated by epidemiological surveillance groups, “which outline the sanitary measures to be utilized in locations with occurrences, reminiscent of: elimination of suspected cases till full remission of symptoms, hand hygiene and probably disinfection . malicious issues.”

From January to this Tuesday, 116,004 doses of the thirteenth vaccine in opposition to the illness got to kids aged 1 yr and three months, and 144,758 doses got to kids aged 4 years, in keeping with the municipal folder.

“All Basic Health Units (UBS) and Ambulatory Medical Assistance (AMA)/Integrated UBS provide vaccination in opposition to chickenpox and different obligatory vaccines in the grownup vaccination schedule freed from cost and with out the want for prior scheduling, from Monday to Friday. 7 am to 7 pm, and on Saturdays, at the identical time on consolidated AMAs/UBSs.”

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