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In August 2022

“The world is horrible. Humans are horrible, however we will not run away from it, as a result of we’re horrible.”A consumer shoots a nude lady, who’s serious about 11-year-old Claudia. With script and path by Eduardo Casanova, additionally reveals the unbelievable instances of “Palace”. bodily variations, While stimulating reflection on social behavior To decide others, solely by what seems on the surface. Such a distinction in requirements which, in a method, disturbs the plenty, fascinates others. Thus, a person expresses his compulsive love for a girl with a deformed face.

However, movie will not be just for but additionally the proper software Harsh and correct criticism is directed at a society that worships uncontrollably and solely visually, however nonetheless Skillfully covers inner distortions – which many conceal. An instance is a person who has simply change into a father, paying Cafetina to abuse, Laura, a woman in pink in a room.

Thus, time flies and in 2017 it’s time for younger Samantha to enter historical past (Ana Polvorosa) who took and posted the picture on Instagram, however eliminated the picture as a result of it did not meet group requirements. So it’s! Samantha One who goals of getting a mouth on his face, has an inversion Digestive system the wrong way up. On the face, as a substitute of the mouth, is the anus and vice versa. Over time, the identical Starred within the brief movie “Eat My Shit” (2015), produced in 1h17.

Laura is now a lady and within the absence of eyes, they take the place of flesh, pink diamonds. In reality, all the pieces is in it, together with the room and her garments Intermediate between magenta and crimson. In one other home, a mom catches her son a photograph of a lady with lengthy locks whereas masturbating. What bothers you?! It’s the truth that he is engaged to Ana (Candela Peña), with a messy face. Thus, Ernesto (Sekun de la Rosa) is invited to depart the home.

Behold, on the similar time, the maiden, in her personal home, is in mattress with a person, and he has burnt her physique elements, together with her face. The gynecologist, Vanessa (Ana María Ayala), a dwarf who works to present life to the all-pink bear who’s a TV hit, is advised that she must relaxation extra so she would not miss an insemination. in vitro. Elsewhere, a boy in a wheelchair admires a mermaid. Yes! Christian (Eloi Costa) has a physique integrity identification dysfunction, as he doesn’t acknowledge his personal legs, which causes him to touch upon loopy issues to do with out his limbs, which can be a solution to get his dad and mom’ consideration in return for love.

“Palace” factors to a society that limits itself to just one Physical type of magnificence and mistreatment of various. drama It is crisp, though it portrays a number of tales which are interconnected in a method or one other. In addition to revealing a beautiful visible work during which the surroundings – and the characters’ garments – are often in pink or lilac hues. Unmissable!

Movie: “flooring” (Piles)

Style: drama

Classification: 16 years

Direction: Eduardo Casanova

Road Map: Eduardo Casanova

Duration: 1:17 am

Publication date of: February 11, 2017 (Worldwide)

Cast: Ana Polvorosa, Candela Pena, Carmen Machi

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