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Feeling the urge to sleep during the day and feeling sleepy during daytime actions can be an indication of oversleeping. The scenario, apart from being uncomfortable, can be dangerous to well being.

Dealing with sleepiness after a nasty night time’s sleep or a couple of nights earlier than, close to bedtime and after lunch, for instance, is a typical scenario. However, when drowsiness happens usually, it ought to be a trigger for concern.

“When it begins to get in the means of the day, the stress to sleep—the urge to sleep—is overwhelming during wakefulness. [período diurno]And you can’t keep awake, it is overwhelming”, explains biodoctor Guilherme Luiz Fernandes, researcher at the Sleep Institute.

This interference in each day life is a serious signal that sleep has reached an extreme degree. If this repeats greater than 3 times per week, additionally it is a warning.

According to Episono (Sleep Epidemiological Study), in São Paulo alone, 9% of the inhabitants experiences drowsiness during daytime actions.

One potential purpose for that is chronotype, which is an individual’s choice for a selected time.

“If, by likelihood, you are somebody who likes to sleep and get up early and you need to do work, research, the rest at a unique time than your very best, it can result in oversleeping”, says Fernandes. .

Sleep problems corresponding to obstructive sleep apnea, along with appearing as a danger issue for a lot of circumstances, are additionally related to daytime sleepiness.

Lethargy is a symptom in folks with identified psychological problems corresponding to despair. According to the biomedical physician, “He sleeps rather a lot and sleeps during the day too.”

However, typically, no matter the trigger, extreme daytime sleepiness can impair well being and deserves particular care.

??[Pode afetar] Performance in work and research. It will have an effect on your memory, for instance, your means to focus on an exercise that can be monotonous. All this hurts your efficiency”, says Fernandes.

Employees who function machines, healthcare staff who work lengthy hours during the night time, and those that work in shifts, for instance, cope with different schedules and might endure from decreased productiveness, effectivity and data retention resulting from daytime sleep overload.

For college students, this lethargy can impair take a look at efficiency.

According to a researcher at the Instituto do Sono, there are research that hyperlink daytime sleepiness to cognitive decline and neurodegenerative ailments, corresponding to Alzheimer’s.

Research revealed in 2018 in the journal Sleep confirmed that adults tended to sleep excessively during the day. The danger of growing beta-amyloid plaque buildup is sort of threefold In the mind, proteins related to Alzheimer’s illness.

This scenario additionally eases the incidence of visitors accidents. According to knowledge from Abramate (Brazilian Association of Traffic Medicine), sleep is the essential well being situation for visitors accidents on highways in Brazil.


To keep away from all these circumstances, aside from sleep problems and psychological problems, which require particular care, sustaining good sleep hygiene is crucial.

“Try to go to mattress and get up at the identical time each night time, all the time attempt to get sufficient sleep, so if an individual wants 8 hours of sleep, let him sleep 8 hours”, exemplifies the biomedical.

And he provides: “Don’t use cell telephones earlier than mattress, as a result of their gentle, particularly blue gentle, has an inhibitory impact on the sleep-selling hormone melatonin. Avoid an excessive amount of bodily exercise close to bedtime, too strenuous. Near meals. Sleep at bedtime and use the mattress just for sleep and intercourse.”

The very best can be to go to mattress with the intention of going to mattress, that means not excited about the subsequent day’s worries or duties whereas you are in mattress. The atmosphere, in flip, ought to be quiet and darkish.

For these unsure as as to if or not they’re experiencing extreme daytime sleepiness, the Epworth Sleepiness Scale can be a companion. The software determines the diploma of daytime sleepiness in keeping with the chance of falling asleep in eight on a regular basis conditions, corresponding to sitting in a automotive in visitors.

However, the outcomes have to be interpreted by a medical skilled to know the context of the lethargy and assess the remainder of the medical image.

“Sleep is an integral a part of our functioning as people, it’s an important a part of our well being, so you will need to take note of sleep”, concludes Fernandes.

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