Everything you need to know before adopting a cat

Everything you need to know before adopting a cat (Photo: Diana Parkhouse/Unsplash)

Decided it is time to undertake one other cat? Before you carry him house, try a few of the issues you ought to do for the arrival of your new feline greatest buddy!

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According to cat conduct professional Mikel Delgado, there may be a spectrum in cat sociality. On the one hand, you can undertake a cat that can love and deal with your cat like a brother. At the alternative excessive, you’ll have two cats who hate sharing the identical area.

Delgado mentioned most cats fall someplace in the midst of that spectrum, that means most cats can coexist peacefully with a appropriate cat.

However, there isn’t a magic system for predicting compatibility and no proof to help common assumptions that male-female or adult-cub pairings can be extra profitable, she added.

However, you can enhance your possibilities of a good match by selecting properly. Find a cat with a related vitality degree to your resident cat, steered Delgado.

Consider your cat’s persona, preferences and historical past with different cats and be taught as a lot as potential concerning the potential adopter, defined Mara Keller, the shelter’s lead affiliate. Cat Adoption Team.

A cat that wishes a lot of consideration might desire a extra shy buddy who will not compete in your lap, added Daniel Bays, senior cat conservation and coverage analyst. Humane Society From the United States.

Here are some ideas to put together your cat to welcome a new feline buddy:

1. Home adjustments

The proper setting with a number of litter bins, meals and water bowls, scratching posts and different assets scattered all through your property will go a great distance in establishing concord between a number of cats in the identical house.

Use cat bushes and perches to add vertical area and place assets so one cat would not have to compete with one other.

2. Be calm throughout shows

Since most cats don’t like change, introductions ought to be managed and gradual. Start by putting the brand new kitten in a separate room away out of your resident cat.

This permits the novice to alter to their house setting whereas their resident cat will get used to the presence and scent of the stranger.

Over time, you can open the door or use a child gate, permitting them to see one another and ultimately progress to bodily encounters.

At every step, use treats, toys, or reward to assist cats type constructive associations with one another’s presence and preserve a predictable routine.

Keep in thoughts that one cat could also be prepared to socialize before one other, and any signal of battle means you’re transferring too quick and need to take a step again.

3. Building a good relationship

The look of a profitable relationship can change. Your cats might develop a coverage of mutual tolerance, however they keep away from one another’s firm. This might disappoint those that envisioned their cats taking part in and sneezing.

A low-stress setting is essential to their well-being, nonetheless, and there are some cats who merely can’t come to a truce.

Sometimes relationships may be improved by way of coaching and adjustments to the house setting, or battle may be managed by giving the cats a separate area to reside indoors. But in some circumstances, in accordance to Delgado, it is in everybody’s greatest curiosity to have one of many cats rehomed.

Since it is inconceivable to assure that two cats will get alongside, Delgado recommends a trial adoption or an adoption association. This signifies that the cat can be ready to reside with you quickly and a everlasting adoption is barely thought-about if the cat is a good match for your loved ones.

You’ll nonetheless need to comply with the identical tips for gradual introductions, however in accordance to her, that takes a few of the strain off.

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