Experts talk about colon most cancers, which is the third most common in the world

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Often silent, colon most cancers is extra frequent than we’d think about. Annually, greater than two million instances are reported, making the illness the third most common sort of most cancers in the world behind lung and breast most cancers. “When we talk about colon most cancers, it is price mentioning that it impacts the giant gut, the final a part of the organ, which contains the colon, rectum and anus”, explains coloproctologist Fabio Lopes, physician in normal surgical procedure and grasp in colorectal most cancers. . Genetics

He cautions that the illness is normally asymptomatic, seems after the age of fifty, and impacts women and men equally. Since it is a silent sort of most cancers, it is crucial that preventive examinations are carried out from the age of 45. “Almost all instances are of a sort of most cancers referred to as adenocarcinoma, which begins as a benign wart-like lesion on the bowel wall and turns into malignant because it grows. This is the place prevention is necessary, as is the objective of detection. The illness in the stage enormously will increase the probabilities of treatment”, emphasizes the skilled, stressing that, even in extra superior instances, the probabilities of restoration are good.

Doctor FBO Lopes, Doctor in General Surgery and Master in Colorectal Cancer Genetics (Photo: Disclosure)

Fabio Lopes explains that the prevention of colon most cancers may be performed via a stool check, with the intention of detecting occult blood in the excrement, or via a colonoscopy – which is extra environment friendly. “Once a wart is detected, it is potential to take away it earlier than it turns into cancerous”, assures the physician.

Symptoms could happen

Most instances of colon most cancers are asymptomatic, however there are exceptions. The important warning indicators are: a change in bowel habits – which is usually a change in the frequency of needing to go to the toilet or frequent diarrhea, for instance -, persistent stomach ache, sudden weight reduction, and visual mucus or blood in the stool. It is price noting that these signs may also be indicators of different illnesses, and it is crucial to go to a physician to conduct checks and make an accurate prognosis. Fabio Lopes warns that, even with out signs, prevention is crucial from the age of 45.

danger components

According to docs, age is the greatest danger issue for the look of colon most cancers. Other danger components are: a food plan excessive in unsaturated fats – akin to fats with purple meat; Consuming processed meats akin to sausages, ham, sausages and salami; and low-fiber meals. Excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks and smoking are additionally danger components, reminds the skilled.


Colon most cancers may be handled with radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgical procedure on a case-by-case foundation.

Working Group at Felicio Rocho Hospital

Part of the oncoprocto team (left to right): Riccardo Cembranelli and Helena Cuba (oncologists);  Stella Sala and Leonardo Chamon (radiotherapists), colonproctologists F
Part of the oncoprocto group (left to proper): Riccardo Cembranelli and Helena Cuba (oncologists); Stella Sala and Leonardo Chamon (radiotherapists), with colonproctologist FBO Lopes (Photo: Rafael Tavares/Ad)

Fabio Lopes coordinates Oncoprocto, a multitasking group at Felicio Rocho Hospital, which gives full take care of sufferers recognized with colon most cancers. “We shaped a group two years in the past to advise these folks not solely from docs, however from nurses, psychologists, neurologists and nutritionists, radiotherapists, radiologists and oncologists,” says the physician. “This is a pioneering initiative stemming from observing the difficulties sufferers face after a bowel tumor prognosis.”

He factors out that oncoprocts, as a gaggle, focus on all sufferers’ instances with the intention of figuring out what could be the finest therapy for every particular person. “From that, earlier than being referred for radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgical procedure, the affected person undergoes dietary, psychological and bodily remedy care, in order that he begins his therapy in the very best bodily and psychological situations”, the physician highlights.

Proctology Group of Oncoprocto (Photo: Rafael Tavares/Ad
Oncoprocto Proctology Group (Photo: Rafael Tavares/Ad)

Oncoprocto holds weekly conferences to debate instances. Even at the moment, the group has members from Minas Gerais and numerous elements of Brazil. “In two years of labor, we helped greater than 100 sufferers who have been operated on, not counting those that didn’t want surgical procedure”, particulars Fabio Lopes.

The physician states that after surgical procedure or the finish of therapy with chemotherapy or radiotherapy, all sufferers are adopted by the group for a minimum of one other 5 years.

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