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The year is coming to an finish and with it the deadline to avail the tax advantages of contributing to PGBL sort Supplementary Pension Scheme. However, this profit doesn’t apply to everybody. I clarify who ought to take advantage of this alternative to pay much less earnings tax and nonetheless earn extra.

Regarding the tax side solely, there are three most important advantages of contributing to a PGBL-type scheme: deferring the fee of IR, incomes earnings on this deferred IR and paying much less IR in future.

There are different advantages, for instance, “absence of consuming quota”, decreased succession prices, absence of taxes on portability, however I’ll deal with the three details talked about above, as they’re particular to PGBL-type merchandise.

As I discussed, these advantages aren’t for everybody. However, if it would not give you the results you want, don’t fret, it simply means you’ve got one other advantage. Sometimes even larger.

When making an annual earnings tax return, there are two choices: easy low cost or full refund.

In a easy low cost, the taxpayer replaces all permitted deductions with a deduction of 20% of the quantity of taxable earnings restricted to R$ 16,754.34. Allowable deductions, for instance, contributions to pension plans, well being, schooling and dependent bills, amongst others.

Thus, if you’ve got a taxable earnings of up to R$ 83,771.7 thousand in a year, you will not be eligible to avail the PGBL profit. Those who don’t contribute to INSS (or to their very own regime) are additionally excluded, except they’re already retired.

If your earnings exceeds the above quantity, you start to qualify. However, you continue to want to examine if the deduction quantity exceeds the R$ 16,700 talked about above.

Deduction allowed for contribution to non-public pension schemes of PGBL sort is restricted to 12% of taxable earnings.

For calculating taxable earnings, you should contemplate earnings from work, together with revenue sharing and thirteenth wage, as well as to different sources of earnings.

The desk beneath presents 4 examples of how a lot PGBL contributions profit after thirty years.

For this instance, an actual rate of interest of 6% per year was assumed, i.e., above inflation. Thus, you’ll perceive how a lot this utility in PGBL can be equal to right this moment’s values ​​as well as to your present wage.

If you earn greater than R$83,700 per year, you’ve got the choice of a easy or full declaration. If you simplify, your deduction is restricted to R$16,700 as I discussed above.

Therefore, the advantage of choosing full declaration is which you can deduct greater than this restrict of BRL 16.7 thousand.

In all circumstances, I assumed no different deductions from gross earnings, that is, I ignored potential deductions from official social safety, well being, and different funds. All contribute to official social safety, however well being and different bills could not exist.

Therefore, if there are extra deductions and they’re taken under consideration, the profit proven is additionally greater.

For instance, if you earn BRL 100,000 a year and haven’t any different deductible bills, it is not sensible to contribute to a PGBL-type pension plan.

Assuming you haven’t any different deductions, solely if your taxable earnings exceeds R$ 140,000 per year, you start to profit from investing in PGBL up to a restrict of 12% of your earnings.

Remember that there are two advantages. One to pay a decrease IR fee and the different to earn earnings on deferred IR.

These two earnings, if utilized for thirty years at an actual rate of interest of 6% per year, are equal to the improve in wage for every year as proven in the final line.

So, for individuals who qualify, PGBL utility is a should and ought to be availed earlier than the finish of the year.

Michael Viriato is an funding advisor and founding companion of Investor House

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