Find out who are the guests, guests and guests of the 5th table of the seminar “Historical subject of the São Paulo State Group Theater” action by Adaap in partnership with Itau Cultural.

This Friday, the twenty sixth, from 3 to five p.m., the 5th spherical table of the seminar can be held on the historic matter of the São Paulo State Theater Group, an action by the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy and São Paulo and Adaap, a corporation linked to São Paulo and the Secretariat. Manager of SP Escola de Teatro, in partnership with Itaú Cultural’s Performing Arts Center. Today’s guests are Tiche Vianna, Rafael Bougleux, Fernando Avila, Marcio Aquiles, Daniele Santana, Stefany Cristiny, and they’ll talk about the matter “Networks, rhizomes and aesthetic affinities”. The occasion is on-line and free, with stay broadcast on SP’s Youtube channel and simultaneous interpretation in Libra.

In addition to highlighting the theme, this initiative seeks to convey discussions, debates, shared experiences and investigations about the a number of scenic expressions of São Paulo. Each assembly makes an attempt to debate elementary and lesser-discussed subjects, comparable to the motion of Caesara ensembles, sea theater performances, the significance of fashionable tradition in up to date modes of presentation, varied theater vanguards, theater festivals and exchanges. Experiences in the inside of São Paulo.

SP Escola di Teatro holds a screening of Gabriela Melo’s movie We’re Not in Kansas Anymore and promotes a chat with the director

In this Friday session, the panel discusses how unbiased actors and networks enable collectives’ terrorist affiliations and the circulation of pedagogical expressive works and the growth of skilled alternatives by means of efficient, technical or political networks.

Check out a little bit extra about at this time’s table guests, guests and guests!:

Teach Via: Teche Viana is an actress, director and theater researcher graduated from the Escola de Arte Dramatica (EAD/USP SP). He specialised in the language of masks and commedia dell’arte in Italy, at the Università degli Studi di Bologna, and in papier mache at Florence. She has a PhD in Performing Arts from UNICAMP and is a member of FLIGSP, Fórum do Litoral, Interior and Greater São Paulo. She is a founding associate of Barracão Teatro, an area for creation and analysis positioned in Campinas/SP. She is the Culture Councilor representing the Chamber of Arts in the present Municipal Council for Public Policy on Culture in Campinas.

Raphael Bougleux: Raphael Bouglaux is an actor, director, researcher, dancer, producer and theatrical arts educator. Graduated in Performing Arts from Centro Universitário Barão de Mauá (2009) and Postgraduate in Media in Education from UFSJ (Federal University of São João del-Rei) (2019). He additionally studied: Cultural Production (2018), by means of distance studying provided at Itau Cultural Observatory; Following dance workshop at cem (Center of Movement / Lisbon – Portugal – 2019): ÚTERO / ART-PROCESS-Spirituality with Miguel Moreira and Maria Fonseca, ENCONTRAR NO LIVRO OS GESTOS… (Research Laboratory of Movement Repertory) Mariana Lemos and Carlos Canhemiro, The Magic Body / Trimming the Awkwardness Sessions… with Peter Michael Dietz; “Dialogues on Contemporary Staging” (2020) by Juan Peralta (SP ESCOLA DE TEATRO), “TransCinema: Hybridism between Audiovisual and Scenic Arts” (2020) by Daniel Bertolini (MT SCHOOL OF); and Dramaturgical Writing: Multidimensional Scenic Writing for Theater (2021) – with Cristian Sobral (DF – National Project Cesc Dramaturgias), Dance Dramaturgy Workshop: Video-Dance (2021) – with Tatiana Devos Gentile (RJ – National Project Cesc Dramaturgias), and Oficina de Dramaturgia da Luz (2021) – with Renato Machado (RJ – National Project Cesc Dramaturgias). Since 2009, he has been growing theoretical analysis on the relationship between theatre, picture and phrase, with the intention of systematizing the methodology for the actor’s work and, at the identical time, guiding the director’s course of. Since 2015, with Grupo de Teatro e Pesquisa Quarantena (Franca-SP) – in which he works as director/marketing consultant – and, in 2017, with Núcleo Experimental de Dramaturgia Página 11 – in which he works as author/coordinator. Through the constructive and artistic processes that assist the work and initiatives of these inventive collectives, idea is tried/examined in follow. Major productions undertaken in quarantine are: Short movie [vídeo 40] (2021); a chunk [a fronteira] Or Found a Well in My Mother’s Chest (2018); and piece”[ensaio sobre o luto] Or Images of Absence (2016). In the subject of writing, Bougleux is the creator of the following texts: Rightly [r]Exists (playwriting – co-authorship – 2022), clipping [s] (Collection of Texts – Co-Author – 2021), Salem or They Found a Dress in the Grass (Drama – 2019), Pedagogy of the Gaze in Theatre: Beginning Image Reading in Process [IN]Actor Training (Drama Theory – 2019), Essay on Suffering [ou as imagens da ausência] (Drama – 2016), [de] Certo (Drama – 2015), and, Theater and Image (Theatrical Theory – 2009). Also since 2015, at cia. 4 for nothing (Ribeirão Preto – SP) and in cia. Entre Nós (Franca – SP), investigates dance-theatre, establishing partnerships with: Morena Nascimento, Andrea Yonashiro, Maristella Estrella, Michele Navarro, Isabella Pizzani and Daniela Rosa. In his profession as an actor, he has been directed by Carlos Canamiro, Robson Haderpack, Gustavo Sol, Mirian Fontana, Dino Bernardi, Renato Ferreira and Fernando Gimenez. From these experiences, the following works stand out: Show “[ENTRE DISTÂNCIAS]” (2018 – Cia. Entre Nós); program”[H3O] Men” (2015 – Company 4 for nothing); present “NÓS OU NGUEM DIA HEAR OS OLHOS DELA” (2016 – Cia. Entre Nós); [outras] Real Stories (2012 – Cia. 4 para nada); And [AMOR em fragmentos] (2010 – Company 4 for Nothing). In the audiovisual manufacturing space, he directed the following quick movies – documentary type -, “Colletivo Garafa Verde” (2011 / Franca – SP): Mãe Colorida (2019); Not Today, Tomorrow (2019); The Three Are Mine (2019); A Big Family Is a Good Thing (2019); Mother at 17 (2019); She hyperlinks [S] (2012); P.S [ao corpo] (2012); the boy [s]: Boys on Bicycles” (2011); Lona Furada: Not every little thing is a joke” (2011); Pradopolis, SP, Brazil, South America, Planet Earth, Solar System, proper there in the Milky Way (2011). As a producer, he participated in the administration and coordination of the following occasions: SOM DE CASA ( Editions: April 2020 / Ponto de Cultura Espaço Nulo); – SARAU 11 (editions: April 2020 / web page 11); ZERA NULO (editions: December 2019 / Teatro Quarantena and Ponto de Cultura Espaço Nulo); Festival Contos de Fraldas (editions: 2019 / Teatro Quarantena / Page 11 / Garrafa Verde / Ponto de Cultura Espaco Nullo); Quarantine Theater and Research Forum: Images in Theater (Edition: 2016/ Teatro Quarantena); Festival of Integrated Arts Outside the Water (Editions: 2012, 2013 and 2014 / Garrafa Verde); Grito Rock (Edition: 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 / Green Bottle); Cultural Corridor de Franca (Edition: 2013 and 2014 – bimonthly occasion / Garrafa Verde); and Garrafada Cultural (Edition: 2013, 2014 and 2015 / Garrafa Verde).As an artwork educator, he has been a theater director at Senac – Franca since 2011. organizes and teaches lessons in the following topics in the Technical Course of: Physical Expression, Theater History, Interpretation, Improvisation, Theater Editing and Cultural Management. He is at present an actor/dancer in “Cia”. 4 for nothing” and “Cia. Among Us”; Director of “QUARENTENA Theater and Research Group” (Franca-SP); Producer of “Colletivo Garafa Verde” (Franca-SP); Supervisor of “Experimental Center for Drama Página 11” (Franca-SP); Point of Manager of Culture – “Espaço Nulo” (Franca-SP) and; Professor of Technical Courses in Theater SENAC – FRA.

Fernando Avila: UNESP President Prudente – Bachelor in Geography from SP (Monograph “Projeto Alegría e os Lugares Socias”) (Bachelor and Licentiate) President Prudente – Master in Geography from UNESP in SP (dissertation “Territorio Circens”). He has been a member of Grupo Rosa dos Ventos for 22 years and of the Galpao da Lua Cultural Collective – Prudentine Federation of Theater and Integrated Arts (President Prudente – SP) for 12 years. Along with Rosa dos Ventos, he works as an actor and producer of the reveals “Hoje tem espetaculo”, “Saltimbembe Membembancos”, “Parada de Rua o o Bicho”, “Cortejo”, “A Farsa do Advogado Pethelin”, “Rabo de” . Foguete”, “Super Tosco” and “Fuzurufafa Bafafazuru”. He has taught greater than 90 programs and short-term workshops for initiation into circus strategies and road theater. At the Coletivo Cultural Galpao da Lua, he “Bloco Carnavalesco Etanois”, “Cabaret Cultural” and In addition to collaborating as an actor and producer in the present “Rue R – O Circo Sobre Rodas”, he works in the manufacturing and improvement of initiatives.

Marcio Aquiles: Writer, literary and theater critic, creator of the books “Artefato Cognitivo nº7√log5ie” (Digital Library Award 2021); “The Quantum Chain of Nephelibetas in Counterpoint to the Semantic Labyrinth of the Southern Lotophagus”; “The Language Odyssey in the Field of Semiotic Myths”; “Eclipse of Melancholy”; “The Nihilistic Aestheticism of Imaginary Numbers”; “Neodadist Metapoetic Delusions”, amongst others. He is one of the organizers of “Group Theater in the City of São Paulo and Greater São Paulo: Meaning and Expression in the Processes of Collective Creations, Struggles and Crossings” (APCA Award 2021). He was a journalist and critic for Folha de S. Paulo and since 2014 he works as coordinator of worldwide initiatives at SP Escola de Teatro.

Daniel Santana: Actress and Cultural Manager. He has been working in the Contadores de Mentira group for 17 years. She is a member of the community “The Magdalena Project – International Network of Contemporary Theater Women” and the Latin American Network of Theater Women – Shaya. Producer of the competition “Ventre em teia – assembly of visible ladies and MORUPI journal devoted to the writing and pondering of visible ladies. With the Contadores de Mentira group, he develops theater works, technical work performances, coaching actions, festivals and nationwide and worldwide exchanges. Traveled with the group to international locations in South America, Central America and Europe.

Stephanie Cristini: Trained as an actress, Stephanie has additionally labored as a producer in the theater group Nativos Terra Rasgada since 2005. As an actress, she has carried out in greater than 20 reveals, giving nearly 700 performances in most areas of Brazil. Participating in necessary nationwide festivals comparable to Amazonia Ensena, Mateus Theater Festival, Lino Rojas Exhibition. As a producer, she was an advocate of initiatives lined by the Sorocaba Cultural Incentive Law, producing a number of kids’s reveals comparable to Zorobe – Oviu-se um Vilap: é a história de um asse, O Soldadinho ea Bailarina, As Aventuras de Jonas, Leituras de John and Mary. In grownup and road theater, he was half of the manufacturing workforce of As Relations Naturais – Corpo Santo, six editions of the Sorocaba Street Theater Fair, a season of displays of the performs Pindorama: A Saga de Um Cristo, Ditinho Curado and Dead. End Street, A Long Walk in the Search in the Irreparable Pain, in addition to performing all of Nativos’ touring productions and works in initiatives and circulations all through Brazil. Currently, she is a component of the solid of Rua Sam Output and Palhasaria Am Familia reveals, apart from being Palvaras in the analysis course of of A Menina Que Gugu present. He additionally does manufacturing work for Sorocaba’s Department of Traffic and Transportation with a give attention to performing actions, producing academic theater reveals for youngsters and youth.

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