From golden snakes to enchanted princesses: discover a cave that unites legend and fear in the hinterlands of CE – Ceará

Caves, in the standard creativeness, convey collectively an infinity of mysteries, mysticism and legends. Immersion in these locations typically goes far past breaking the topography of a rock cavity. In Itatira, in the inside of the Sierra, positioned 163 km from the capital, in the Gruta Casa de Pedra, it’s mandatory to perceive the secular tales that encompass them.

The website, at the moment a historic website listed by Ifan, harbors a legend that an enchanted indigenous princess lives inside the cave. The identify “Stone House” refers to the approach the grotto will probably be divided, in addition to the residence, with the bed room – that of the princess – kitchen and lounge.

According to legend, those that enter this cave in search of a princess by no means return and, whoever spends a night time inside and alienates the princess, the stone home will flip into a citadel. The legend has handed down the generations and made this place one of the main vacationer points of interest of the metropolis.

Popular tradition researcher, author and cultural administrator in Itatira, Marcos Lenón Juca López, explains that of the three legends related to Casa de Pedra, the Enchanted Princess is the most properly-recognized and widespread in Itatira.

“This connection between caves and princesses is a quite common truth in the native creativeness, due to the many rock cavities discovered in the municipality. The metropolis has distinctive curiosities and legends, corresponding to”, Lennon particulars.

Subtitle: The legends of Casa de Pedra have crossed generations and made the website one of the metropolis’s most important vacationer points of interest.

Photograph: Edson Nunes

Scholars say that the legend was born out of the existence of two tribes in the area, each rivals. “In a sure interval, a native of a tribe falls in love with a native of a rival tribe, one thing harmful and uncommon in this era, given the preventing for territory at the time”.

With ardour rising stronger and stronger, the two meet and determine to run away to stay a hitherto forbidden love. It was then that they discovered the grotto, a refuge from time, a place of privateness and safety from the evils and persecutions of each sexes.

Marcos Lennon Juca Lopes

Popular tradition explorer

Other legends

Although the story of the princess is the most widespread and chargeable for attracting residents and vacationers to the website, Casa de Pedra has two different legends that cross generations: the Golden Snake and the Dark Room. “Many hunters and former residents of the area report that each night time, beginning at midnight, the snake turns into a massive gold chain”, says the researcher.

Subtitle: According to legend, those that enter this cave in search of a princess by no means return.

Still in accordance to Lennon, there are reviews that at night time, the sound of a stream operating by the cave cavity is heard. “This sound is scary and subsequently, few folks handle to spend the entire night time in the cave”, he provides. Another delusion is that of the darkish room.

“There is not any gentle, pure or synthetic, in this place. Anyone who has tried to enter the cave and has gone into the room says that it’s unimaginable to see something and that if you strive to activate any form of factor in there, the gentle goes out. is.. it’s a thriller as a result of nobody can clarify why no gentle can survive there”, says the researcher.

Recognized significance

In addition to this standard asset, legends that return generations, the cave consists of historic points that make it related to the situation of changing it into a Conservation Unit (UC).

Created in 2020, with a complete space of ​​65.5 hectares, the objective of the creation of the UC is to defend the historic and archaeological heritage of the area in addition to the pure assets, in addition to to enhance tourism and guarantee the financial and sustainable improvement of the area.

Subtitle: The Gruta Casa de Pedra Monument Conservation Unit covers 65.5 hectares and was created in 2020.

Photograph: Edson Nunes

“It has uncommon prehistoric carvings”, factors out Lenon Lopes, Culture Secretary of Itatira. Carvings of human figures are on the marble partitions and, though there may be nonetheless no particular courting, researchers level out that they might be the oldest rock information in Ceará.

With this formalization of the creation of the UC, Gruta Casa de Pedra has grow to be an integral conservation space, that is, actions of use with its pure assets are strictly prohibited, corresponding to, for instance, civil works of pottery, openings. Roads, and different actions that might, with out justification, modify or alter pure belongings protected by regulation.

The creation of conservation items additionally has the foundation of selling consciousness of the inhabitants about the significance of the space for the preservation of environmental, cultural, archaeological, historic and geological heritage in addition to for scientific analysis.

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