Geralda Ribeiro celebrates turning 90 with her family in a glamorous afternoon

Reaching 90 with vitality is a signal that one is ready to make the most of the modifications of time and dwell a life full of affection, feelings and tales that match the guide. Doña Geralda Moreira Ribeiro is an unimaginable instance of a hardworking lady who knew how one can face setbacks and create an atmosphere of respect, love and honesty for her kids.

And as a approach to acknowledge the nice human being she is, the family gathered this Friday (5/8) to rejoice 9 a long time of the lady’s birthday in a stunning and emotional get together.

Children, grandchildren, nephews and great-grandchildren made it a level to point out their affection and gratitude to Grandma, who couldn’t comprise her feelings even amid so many applauses and hugs.

For the Claudia Meireles column, daughter Janet Vaz mentioned little about her mom’s many virtues.

Children Janet Vaz, Joao Mendes, Joao Ribeiro, Zelda Velasco and Juarez Ribeiro
Dona Geralda and her stunning doll

“Mom is an instance of willpower and willpower for us. She has all the time been very devoted to our family, our well-being and caring for herself. It was very useless and chic. She was all the time effectively groomed, aromatic and with a smile on her face. I inherited the DNA of caring for individuals from her! She did not even have wrinkles till she was 60, as a result of she cleansed her pores and skin with rose water and moisturized with German Nivea cream since she was younger. Cautious and all the time involved about these round him, nobody leaves his home with out espresso and cookies or lunch. All the nephews have a story in his reminiscence to inform about him.”

Janet Vaz, daughter of Dona Geralda



Geralda spent a lot of time holding her stunning doll and being attentive to each element. A mom of 5 kids, the expansion of three generations has handed beneath her watchful eye. In love with her grandmother, her granddaughter Juliana Barberi made it a level to write down a stunning tribute in our column. Read the complete beneath:

“(*90*), my grandmother turned 90 and we received collectively with the family for a pretty get together. Some moments she was attentive and hooked up. In others, the inside world, which we have no idea, however which I consider is stuffed with innocence, knowledge and recollections.

Today, although she wants assist strolling round, sitting and another actions, she wants nothing to be the robust and provoking lady she is to all of us. It could also be misplaced in your thoughts, however it’s not misplaced in class, love and peace or knowledge.

Speaking of knowledge, I used to be reminded of a sensible life precept she shared and taught us all. An essential life behavior for hospitable individuals like Grandma.

“Don’t inform me what I can not speak about. I do not need to know the key.”

And he teaches it with easy steerage. No gossip. “Just inform me family information that I can fortunately share with others or what I can do to assist.” After all, Dona Geralda was all the time beneficiant and caring.

As Cortela says: “You can’t say the whole lot you probably did or mentioned, there’s a cause to not do it”. What this sensible instructor teaches is one among my grandmother’s predominant teachings.

For this and lots of others, lengthy dwell Dona Geralda!

Dona Geralda meets Antonio, the brand new great-grandson
Geralda between Raphael and Marcella Vaz

In addition to like, smiles and good tales, company loved scrumptious feijoada ready by Grupo AEm. To boost the event, Sironia’s goodies and Luma Kuto Dosseria’s desserts had been served.

Check out the clicks:
Raquel Vaz, Duda, Lara Velasco, Zelda Velasco, Marcela Corrieri Vaz, Gabriela and Fabian Ribeiro, Valentina Ribeiro, Vivian Mestri, Patricia Vaz and Juliana Barbieri
According to daughter Janine Vaz, Geralda has all the time been very useless
Zelda and Yuriko Velasco
Vivian Mastri, Raquel Vaz, Ana Gabriela, Flavia Ribeiro, Janet Vaz and Lara Velasco
Among a few of Geralda 19 great-grandchildren
Raquel, Rafael, and Leandro Vaz
Dona Geralda with her kids and grandchildren
Joao Mendes, Flavio Marsilio and Joar Ribeiro
Cristalina Gomes and Luzdalma Goulart
Juarez Mendes, Juresi Alcantara and Joel Mendes
Patricia Vaz, Valentina Ribeiro, Juliana Barbieri, Raquel Vaz, Lara Velasco, Marcela Corrieri Vaz and Vivian Maestri
Geralda Ribeiro between Patricia and Leandro Vaz
Flavio Marsilio and Janet Vaz
Donna Geralda and Patricia Vaz
Patricia E. Leandro Vaz with her family
Lara and Yuriko Velasco

Feijoada: AEm group
Strawberry Candies: Sironi
Sweets: Luma Couto Bakery

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