“God is in the creation!”, says the Catholic musician

Data honors those that write and create music; Catholic composers touch upon the composition course of and emphasize the worth of songs

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“God is in the creation!”, says the Catholic musician

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This Saturday, the fifteenth is World Musicians Day. The date honors those that write and create music. Among Catholics, there are various hymns that draw the devoted nearer to God and assist them in prayer. Padre Zezinho, Ziza Fernandes and Peter de Laura are a few of the composers of those songs.

Father Zezinho /Photo: Personal Archive

“You are Agua Viva”, “Prayer for the household”, “A coronary heart to like”, “I’ll love you, Lord”, “Mary of Nazareth”, “How lovely”, “Hello, my God”. These are a lot of the works of Father Jose Fernandez, popularly referred to as Father Zezinho.

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The Dehonian priest, who has translated a lot of his songs into completely different languages ​​- Italian, Spanish, English, German, French, amongst others – says that, earlier than composing his songs, he tries to meditate and write articles. “I learn so much! And generally reflection turns into tune!”

Diving into your self

In her 30-year profession, Ziza Fernandes is identified for her hits: “O Que Agrada a Deus”, “Sweet Night”, “Beautiful and True”, “Dentro do Teu Olhar”. The singer’s most up-to-date composition is: “Casa da Saudade”, about the absence of people who find themselves gone.

Ziza says, whereas composing, he at all times tries to do one thing good, honest, exact and inventive. “Composition is virtually a therapeutic course of. I dive into myself. I can categorical myself by way of it. Composing is uncomfortable however a providential necessity”, he says.

According to the composer, songwriting is born out of a want to put in writing about one thing extra broadly and comprehensively. However, the Catholic choir factors out that writing lyrics is completely different from writing tune lyrics. “I consider that music reaches deep inside individuals in a broad approach.”

“Living this course of is very difficult. What evokes me the most are the realities of life. Compose is additionally a nomenclature of inside human dramas”, he explains. “Almost at all times my works are about man, God and man’s seek for reality. I consider that composing, other than serving humanity, is additionally a way of self-knowledge”, highlights Ziza.

Look at life with love

Peter De Laura /Photo: Paula Dizarro – Canso Nova

Pieter de Laura, missionary of the Canção Nova group, feedback that composing transforms what occurs in on a regular basis life into artwork. “It’s a approach of prolonging an necessary occasion that I’ve witnessed or lived by way of”, he particulars. For a musician to like life and stay it nicely is the first step in direction of good composition.

“What evokes me is attempting to make individuals expertise what I’ve lived, be taught what I’ve had the alternative to be taught. I obtain that by way of creation.”

“Barco a Vela”, “Goodbye Always Comes”, “A Revolution”, “After the Storm”, are a few of Missionary’s compositions. According to the singer, when he sees individuals singing his songs, it looks like they’re singing his prayers. “Before I used to be ashamed, at the moment I really feel like a servant”, he defines.

A tune in tough instances

For Peter, the tune usually helps the problem of expressing oneself in tough moments. “It is unhealthy when a tune doesn’t lead us to God, however drags us deeper into our issues.”

“Music ought to be the thread connecting our coronary heart to God’s coronary heart”, observes the composer.

Closeness to others and God

Ziza emphasizes that artwork is a way of unity, so it ought to carry women and men collectively. “Music ought to be a way of communication with God and others.”

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Ziza Fernandes/ Photo: Marcio Oliveira

Composition is a bridge to beat difficulties, join with the divine, strengthens the Catholic choir. “With it we attain a lot deeper locations of our soul”, he highlights.

In church paperwork, particularly the “Inter Mirifica” (one in all the 16 paperwork of the Second Vatican Council) about the 1000’s of items that now we have, the Dehonian priest feedback that it is taught that the whole lot now we have exists to carry. with individuals.

While composing, Father Zezinho reviews that he feels chargeable for his compositions. “I take severely the whole lot I carry to the public. I feel it is my enterprise!”.

Creation: A Gift from God

“God has given us the intelligence and creativeness to create. Our work and our motivation lead us to develop tasks. Thus, bridges, roads, songs, teachings and know-how are born. We are referred to as to co-create the world!”, displays Father Zezinho.

Given this, Ziza says that creation is God’s present. “Gifts are freely acquired and developed with effort. In this fashion, the present then turns into a talent. The present of songwriting is not achieved by itself, but it surely is achieved as a result of God is beneficiant”, feedback the singer.

God is in artwork, God is in creation, emphasizes Peter. According to the singer, man feels the want to specific what he lives and composition is this artwork. The missionary additionally recollects that music permeates the historical past of the church. “The relationship between music, church and God has at all times existed.”

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