Hospital Carvalho Beltrão triples the number of bariatric surgeries performed by SUS in 2022

The Carvalho Beltrão Hospital, situated in the municipality of Coruripe on the southern coast of Alagoas, tripled the number of bariatric surgeries performed by the Unified Health System (SUS) in 2022 in comparison with the identical interval of the earlier yr.

According to the director of the hospital, doctor Francisco Beltrão (Chicao), the goal for 2022 was achieved and the queue to make sure operations in the unit is for June 2023. Carvalho Beltrão Hospital is the just one in the state that has this quantity of bariatric surgical procedure and one of the hospitals that carry out the process the most by SUS in all of Brazil.

“It is a superb achievement. This is a rare number even at the nationwide degree. Bariatric surgeries performed by the Unified Health System are very troublesome and uncommon all through the nation, making it a well being victory in Alagoas. In Alagoas, we’ve managed to triple the number in comparison with final yr, with the course of of integrating a multidisciplinary group”, commented Chico.

According to him, one of the differentiators of Hospital Carvalho Beltrão is the postoperative follow-up of sufferers, which ensures the reliability of the complete course of with the folks concerned, comparable to docs and technicians, and primarily, those that will endure the surgical process. .

Indicated for sufferers with extreme weight problems, the abdomen’s capability to obtain meals is lowered throughout the bariatric process, making it troublesome to soak up massive quantities of energy.

One of the docs liable for bariatrics, surgeon Victor Cardoso, factors out that the operation at Carvalho Beltrão is performed by the SUS and considerably will increase the high quality of life of sufferers who wouldn’t have entry to the process if it had been carried out privately. .

“Our each day motivation is greater than the marks achieved, figuring out that these individuals who usually can’t afford this surgical procedure, can have entry and, since then, with weight reduction, higher well being, high quality of life and high quality of life that was not doable earlier than bariatric surgical procedure. That manner it carries out each day actions”, explains the physician.

Bariatric surgical procedure additionally reduces the threat of mortality and issues for sufferers with extreme weight problems, rising survival in this phase of the inhabitants.

“For instance, comorbidities comparable to diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea enhance virtually instantly. We have a possibility to make sure longer life expectancy for these folks. This is nice and it’s a victory for the whole society”, he celebrates.

The physician additionally explains that bariatric surgical procedure is indicated for sufferers with a physique mass index (BMI) BMI higher than 35 or higher than 40, with comorbidities, not essentially comorbidities, and failure of scientific therapy for 2 years as different standards. . or analysis by an endocrinologist and nutritionist.

The group of surgeons at Hospital Carvalho Beltrao consists of surgeons Dr. Victor Cardoso, Dr. Paulo Victor Lima and Dr. Herbert the elder. Apart from basic and urological surgeries, Carvalho Beltrao Hospital additionally performs extremely complicated surgeries like neurosurgery, complicated orthopedics, scoliosis, coronary heart surgical procedure.


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