‘I went through six doctors until I was diagnosed with cancer at 25’

  • Priscilla Carvalho
  • From Rio de Janeiro to BBC News Brazil

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Fernanda at the moment, practically a 12 months and a half after the primary signs of Hodgkin’s lymphoma started

In June final 12 months, pharmacy scholar Fernanda Pereira, then 25, observed a small lump on her throat. Believing it would simply be a strained muscle, she resorted to mild therapeutic massage.

During this era, the lady was already present process a number of common exams, which didn’t present any modifications. On complaining concerning the lump to the gynaecologist, she was referred to a normal practitioner. However, in that point interval, he realized that different ganglia had appeared within the area.

“It felt like a golf ball within the facet of the neck”, he recalled to BBC News Brazil.

From then on, it was a saga, as she defines it, until she arrived at the prognosis and what she had and why among the signs solely obtained worse.

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