“I went to the gynecologist with a suspected pregnancy and I found out that I have two uteruses”, says 19-year-old woman – Revista Kresser

When 19-year-old Kailane de Sena Silva from Bahia went to the gynecologist three months in the past, she arrived with a suspected pregnancy and left the workplace with the prognosis. Uterus Didelphis, which is a uterine malformation characterised by the formation of two uteruses. “I was scared! When I noticed it on the display screen, I thought I was Pregnant with twins“, says the woman.

Born in Valente (BA) and resident of Coité (BA), Kaylan introduced her situation on her Instagram profile and her video reached over 280,000 views. In an unique interview with develop upShe says that earlier than prognosis she had a Very irregular menstrual cycles And had extreme menstrual cramps. After a transvaginal examination, she found she had a uterine malformation. However, for now, she nonetheless doesn’t know the way her medical observe-up shall be.

19-year-old woman has two wombs (Photo: Personal Archive)

Baina additionally reveals that she desires to get pregnant. However, you have to plan nicely as a result of, as well as to uterine didelphis, she has epilepsy, so she wants to discuss to the physician about stopping her medicines. “I can get pregnant in each wombs or have a miscarriage. So, every little thing must be completed very calmly and fastidiously”, she says. Despite the worry, Kayla is assured: “Everything will work out,” she stated.

What is uterus didelphis

According to Dr. Wagner Hernandez (SP), an obstetrician specializing in excessive-danger twin pregnancies, a didelphic uterus is brought on by a malformation in the uterus. “Normally, there may be a fusion of the two constructions that kind the uterus, however these ladies don’t have this fusion and have two cervixes,” explains the knowledgeable.

Obstetricians additionally level out that many ladies are asymptomatic and will solely discover out that they have a uterine defect after they turn out to be pregnant. In some circumstances, ladies might have a prolapsed cervix blocked by the vaginal septum, and due to this fact expertise extra discomfort. In this case, it’s doable that the physician recommends surgical procedure, nevertheless, in different circumstances, solely medical observe-up is carried out.

Females with a didelphis uterus can also have two vaginas, however solely in some circumstances. To determine the malformation, it’s doable to carry out a transvaginal ultrasound and, lastly, an MRI.

For ladies who need to turn out to be pregnant, cautious medical observe-up is critical, as the danger of untimely beginning and miscarriage is elevated. The child can also not be in the proper place, so the woman is extra probably to want a cesarean part. Additionally, as unusual as it’s, it’s doable for a woman to turn out to be pregnant with twins, with a fetus in every uterus.

For ladies who need to keep away from pregnancy, the use of a copper IUD isn’t beneficial. For contraceptive indications, there is no such thing as a change in dosage.

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