Injections and Pills: 5 New Ways to Lose Weight

In addition to a nutritious diet and bodily train, medical doctors might prescribe medicine for many who are within the means of shedding pounds. And new medication, in injectable or capsule type, promise to assist remedy, as they velocity up metabolism, burn accrued fats, scale back urge for food and management food-related feelings.

Some have the remedy of diabetes as their preliminary function, however, as they contribute to weight reduction, they’ve been broadly adopted by medical doctors. Therefore, consultants emphasize that it will be important that these medication are used solely underneath the steerage of skilled professionals.

Weight loss drugs may be injectable. Credit: Shutterstock

Drugs containing a receptor referred to as GLP-1 have already been prescribed by consultants due to their significance in weight reduction. This receptor is a protein present in pancreatic cells and neurons that helps regulate blood sugar and launch insulin.

This component helps within the launch of hormones within the intestine after a meal and acts instantly on the mind to management urge for food and thus induce a sense of satiety. Now, new medication are coming to improve the effectiveness of this molecule.

“When we speak concerning the new medication utilized by medical doctors, medication of the semaglutide and liraglutide class, selective stimulators of GLP-1, are more practical in controlling urge for food, as a result of they assist in visceral fats accumulation and insulin remedy. Resistance and rebound don’t give impact. These are well-administered medication, extremely able to weight reduction when correctly prescribed. Today, they’re those I work with essentially the most”, mentioned nutritionist Mariana Comerio.

The Semaglutide Oral medicines like Rybalsus can be found available in the market and are permitted by ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency). The drug, in capsule type, should be taken every day, in accordance to medical pointers.

This treatment promotes satiety, reduces starvation all through the day and facilitates weight reduction. However, to get outcomes from utilizing this product, it is usually necessary to keep a balanced eating regimen and train commonly.

Another drug with the identical energetic substance is Ozempic, which is just permitted in Brazil for the remedy of kind 2 diabetes. But consultants hope that quickly, a scientific examine on its actions within the remedy of weight problems will probably be performed and licensed. For this use. However, it started to be prescribed “off label” by medical doctors. The drug is injectable and subsequently, is utilized with the assistance of a pen.

The substance liraglutide is the primary anti-obesity drug of the incretin-mimetic class, referred to as agonists (stimulators) of the GLP-1 receptor. It is offered commercially underneath the identify Saxenda, additionally in injectable type, and is allowed by Anvisa to be used within the remedy of diabetes 2 and weight problems.

Saxenda was derived from the drug Victoza, which is used solely to management kind 2 diabetes. With new research, the drugs’s drug producer, Novo Nordisk, has concluded that larger doses produce higher weight reduction leads to folks with weight problems. Thus Suxenda was designed with an adjustable dose for these sufferers.

Balance in meals and feelings

“What are the advantages of those medication? The affected person makes meals schooling. He learns to eat much less and compensate much less for emotion in meals. He learns that it’s doable to dwell with much less meals and dwell nicely”, asserts Mariana.

Mariana Comerio


“The drug removes consuming from the feelings. Over time, when the drug is withdrawn, the physique adapts to this lowered quantity of meals.”

Not but permitted by Anvisa, however promising a brand new period in weight problems remedy, Tirzepatida is one other drug on the listing of recent anti-obesity allies.

It acts within the type of two intestine hormones: GLP-1 and GIP, which concurrently induce potent weight reduction by means of totally different mechanisms, each cerebral and gastrointestinal. The drug is given as a weekly subcutaneous injection.

Lilly Laboratories has already submitted a product registration request to Anvisa and is awaiting launch. Tirzepatida is predicted to obtain approval by the center of subsequent yr.

Sabrina Ribeiro Franca


“This drug has an important motion in weight reduction and is totally different from others. Studies have proven a lack of up to 25% of physique weight”

Contrav, a capsule drug that treats meals compulsions, may be manipulated and bought at pharmacies. It comprises two substances in its composition, bupropion and naltrexone, which act on the mind by lowering and controlling urge for food, as well as to the sturdy want for meals, which leads to a lower in meals consumption. Additionally, Contrave permits you to scale back your waist circumference, forestall diabetes or coronary heart illness.

Use and not using a medical prescription might trigger pancreatic issues

Although Brazilians have a behavior of self-medicating, the usage of weight reduction medication with out authorization or medical recommendation carries a collection of dangers, which may additionally lead the affected person to turn out to be insulin dependent, that’s, who wants insulin.

“Why do we are saying that the drug requires medical recommendation? Because there’s a threat of pancreatitis, which is the failure of the pancreas organ, which is necessary for the manufacturing of insulin, which causes the affected person to develop full pancreatitis and turn out to be insulin-dependent diabetes”, Published nutritionist Mariana Comerio.

Additionally, utilizing with out medical supervision might lead to overdose and might trigger nausea, lack of urge for food and, consequently, weak spot.

“It has a minimal dosage advice, however every affected person is particular person. So it’s vital to monitor and information him, in order that he doesn’t really feel sick, doesn’t have an image of constipation, which may occur”, warns Mariana.

She provides: “In addition, there are medication that scale back gastroparesis, which is emptying of the intestines. If the drug isn’t administered correctly, hemorrhoids can develop. It is necessary for the affected person to perceive that the drug is a kick. Quality of life Beginning, however with care.”

For endocrinologist Sabrina Ribeiro Franca, it is usually vital to finish the bias towards the usage of medication to deal with weight problems.

“It is critical to overcome the bias that drugs can’t be used. Each affected person is particular person and his path will probably be established by the physician through the weight reduction course of. Medicine must be used responsibly, even whether it is costly.”

Learn extra about new drugs used for weight reduction

Rybelsus is a diabetes pill that has revolutionized weight loss
Rybelsus is a diabetes drug, in capsule type, that has revolutionized weight reduction. Credit: Disclosure
  • Rybelsus: It is the commerce identify of semaglutide and is permitted by ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency). As per medical recommendation, oral medicine must be taken every day. Semaglutide has a GLP-1 receptor, which is launched by the intestine after a meal and which acts on receptors within the mind that regulate urge for food, satiety, and starvation.
  • This treatment promotes satiety, reduces starvation all through the day and facilitates weight reduction. However, to get outcomes from its use, it is usually necessary to keep a balanced eating regimen and train commonly. It is on the market in dosages of 3mg, 7mg and 14mg. It can solely be offered with a physician’s prescription.
  • Side results: Cold sweat, cool pale pores and skin, headache, quick heartbeat, feeling sick (nausea) or very hungry, imaginative and prescient adjustments, drowsiness or weak spot, nervousness, anxiousness or confusion, issue concentrating or tremors.
Saxenda, a diabetes drug that helps with weight loss
Saxenda, a diabetes drug that helps with weight reduction. Credit: Reproduction/Novo Nordisk
  • of Saxony: It is a drug within the type of injection that acts on the starvation and satiety heart, inflicting an individual to really feel much less hungry. In addition, one of many results of the drug is a change in style, which makes meals style much less nice. This drug may be present in pharmacies, offered solely with a physician’s prescription.
  • A field with answer for injection is 6mg/ml with three disposable pens.
  • Side results: The commonest antagonistic reactions to this drug are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, gastritis, belly discomfort, belly ache and burning, bloating, gasoline, belching, dry mouth, weak spot, fatigue. A change in style.
Contrave is a drug used to treat obesity
Contrave is a drug used to deal with weight problems. Credit: Reproduction
  • Contradiction: It is a capsule treatment that’s prescribed to assist folks affected by weight problems or obese shed extra pounds, as a result of it comprises two substances in its composition, bupropion and naltrexone, which act on the mind, scale back and management urge for food. Strong want for meals. , which leads to a discount in meals consumption. This drug was lately permitted by Anvisa.
  • Side results: The commonest, which can happen throughout remedy, are dry mouth, headache, dizziness, constipation or diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, irritability, melancholy, anxiousness, restlessness, muscle or joint ache.

Anti-obesity treatments not but permitted by Envisa

Tirzepatide is used for weight loss and diabetes
Tirzepatide is used for weight reduction and diabetes. Credit: Disclosure
  • tirzepetide It works by mimicking two intestine hormones: GLP-1 and GIP, which concurrently induce highly effective weight reduction by means of each cerebral and gastrointestinal mechanisms. The drug is given as a weekly subcutaneous injection.
  • Laboratory Lilly has already submitted a request for drug registration to Anvisa and is awaiting the discharge of the organ.
Ozempic, used for weight reduction and diabetes. Credit: Reproduction
  • Ozempic: It was permitted by Anvisa in August 2018 for the remedy of kind 2 diabetes solely. It has the identical energetic ingredient as Rybalsus, semaglutide, however the drug is injectable.
  • Novo Nordisk, though not permitted by Anvisa or the manufacturing firm, was now prescribed by medical doctors “off label” (outdoors the bundle leaflet) for the remedy of weight problems. It reduces insulin manufacturing and gastric emptying, slows digestion, promotes satiety. However, consultants warn that this and any drug may be prescribed solely when there’s a scientific foundation.

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