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Emergency Care Unit (UPA) of IPASE

Two folks died of H1N1 final week within the Emergency Care Unit (UPA) at Ipase in Várzea Grande. The victims of the virus are a 34-year-old man and a 27-year-old lady. This data was supplied by Anderson Torres, Medical Technician in cost.

“Recently, within the earlier week, we had two very particular circumstances of H1N1, a younger 34-year-old affected person, who died right here within the unit because of this pathology. We had one other younger affected person aged 27 with related signs, who was destructive for covid, so we additionally suspected H1N1. Tomography exhibits typical options. She was despatched to the Cuaba emergency room, isolation ICU, the place it was confirmed that she additionally had H1N1. She was lifeless too,” Anderson mentioned.

Torres didn’t launch the names of the sufferers as a result of medical confidentiality. However, he warned that the unit has seen a rise within the presence of younger sufferers with H1N1 flu, the previous swine flu.

Especially in regards to the 34-year-old affected person, the physician famous that the signs had been much like these of Covid. “A affected person who exhibits flu-like signs, pneumonia, some adjustments in respiration, corresponding to discomfort, covid-like signs. We carried out quite a few covid assessments on this affected person, all destructive, chest tomography was requested, it was attribute for viral and bacterial infectious irritation, blended irritation, and this affected person developed into overt respiratory failure. He was intubated right here within the unit and because of this intubation, the medical image of the affected person didn’t enhance and he died.

Guidance – answered Torres At that point the affected person ought to seek the advice of a physician within the face of signs confused with Kovid-19, Arbovirus, Influenza and Dengue. Symptoms embody fever, physique aches, headache, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and eye ache. “When a affected person has frequent fevers, you must see a physician, refractory to any form of analgesic and antipyretic. What is the response to a lot of these medication, an individual could have analgesics at residence, dipyrone, paracetamol, he developed a fever, physique aches, took drugs and it didn’t enhance, he should positively go to the physician”, he informed Anderson.

However, for a affected person who has a standard chilly, sneezing, runny nostril, facial ache much like sinusitis signs and no fever, the physician recommends: “Observe for three to 4 days to see if the signs go away, then diagnose the pathology. Seek assist for conducting exams.”

Vaccination – Anderson Torres highlighted that vaccination is offered within the unit, within the polyclinic and all through the fundamental community. According to him, vaccine demand for each H1N1 and Covid-149 is low.

“Here at Upa do Ipes in Verze Grande, we now have a vaccination station, arrange with all of the vaccines. At this submit reverse UPA we provide H1N1 vaccine, Influenza vaccine and Kovid-19 vaccine. The H1N1 vaccine is offered to everybody, there is no such thing as a particular age group. There is a vaccine for everybody”, mentioned the physician.


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