Jehovah Campos clearly says, “Ricardo represents work and work is the sign of my life and I can say with confidence that RC will be the candidate and win” – Controversy Paraba

Ricardo Coutinho and his first deputy of the Senate Jehove Campos 300x225 1 - Jehove Campos is clear,

“If Ricardo Coutinho doesn’t run for the Senate, there is no chance for me to be a candidate. This is not on our horizon. He will be a candidate and will be elected by the individuals of Paraíba. We imagine that justice will work, as a result of his case is typically equal remedy for equal individuals. is about establishing. I can guarantee you that Ricardo will be the candidate and we will be by his facet to assist him with proposals that successfully change the actuality of Peraba”, at present (05), State Deputy Jehova Campos (PT), stated in an interview. With radio in the capital of Peraba.

The interview was held shortly after the conclusion of the conference of MDB, PT and different events that formalized the ticket for the authorities of Paraba with Veneziano Vital do Rego (MDB) for governor of Paraba and Maisa Cartaxo as deputy governor.

According to Jehovah, this affiliation with Ricardo is not solely on this election, it is historic, with the similar frequent floor. “This connection with Ricardo comes from the 80s, from the struggles for the preservation of tradition, for social inclusion, for frequent causes to be managed by the humblest individuals. Ricardo represents work and work is the sign of my life”, stated the candidate for the first possibility on Ricardo Coutinho’s ticket for the Federal Senate.

Regarding the request of a candidate for the Senate on the ticket of Joao Azevedo, Congresswoman Pollyanna that she would search the PT’s assist for her candidacy, Jehovah was symbolic. “Speech must be constant with information to be sturdy. Asking a PT for assist beneath these circumstances is residing in one other world. In 2018, for instance, the candidate for senator most intently recognized with Lula was Luiz Couto, nonetheless, congresswoman Pollyanna voted for Daniela Ribeiro, who campaigned for Bolsonaro. So, actually, there is no level in looking for assist from the PT at this level and no motive to exist,” he stated.

Regarding Lula’s platform in Paraiba, Jehovah stated the presidential candidate left little doubt in his speech in Campina Grande on the 2nd. “Lula was clear, his candidates in Paraba are Veneziano, for governor, and Ricardo, for senator. . However, anybody who opposes this Bolsonaro tyranny can and ought to vote for Lula”, thought Jehovah.

Regarding the present state authorities, Jehova stated Paraiba has stabilized and is experiencing a really completely different actuality than the eight years of Ricardo’s authorities. “Our state has entered a rare rhythm of improvement and progress in the eight years of Ricardo, there have been 54 paved roads, many water utilities, infrastructure works that are unforgettable, the murder fee was diminished, new hospitals have been constructed, Mangabira Interchange, Centro of Conventions, amongst many different works, however, sadly, João grew to become the announcer of the work, however, it is nothing greater than a speech”, affirmed Jehovah, remembering that the authorities is constructing 23 streets in Cajaziras, however basically context it doesn’t have a measurement work.

Regarding the criticisms of the Bolsonaristas, Jehovah recalled that those that defend Bolsonaro deal with their opponents not as opponents, however as enemies. “The hallmark of fascists is violence, denial. Anyone who believes in God should have love as the basis of their perception. Love your neighbor as your self. Those who love God don’t preach violence, don’t defend weapons, don’t incite discord, don’t worth hatred, don’t promote discrimination. That’s it,” Jehovah reiterated.

Regarding the prices in connection with Ricardo’s lawsuits in justice, Jehovah invoked the precept of innocence, the significance of a course of by which the decide is neutral. “To say somebody has stolen is to show what has been stolen, making accusations with out proof is attribute of fascists. The democratic rule of legislation says that when there is an allegation there should be proof to convict. Ricardo was vilified by the media, nonetheless, he was by no means known as to testify. Telling and not proving is the similar as not telling”, the deputy highlighted.


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