Leticia Cazare improvises and gets emotional while sunbathing for her daughter in the ICU.

Leticia CazareActor’s spouse Juliano CazareMoved her followers once more with a easy gesture, however no much less necessary and mandatory: ​​she sunbathed from the window of the ICU the place her daughter Maria Guilhermina She has been hospitalized for 5 months since she was born.

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Along with the launch, she wrote the following message: “Taking a lonely retreat. We cannot wait to take the solar outdoors.

This week, Leticia additionally confirmed an excerpt from a Christmas particular she recorded for the producer in which she talks about religion and her wrestle with her daughter. Read an excerpt.

“So, there, after I noticed how she was doing, I mentioned, ‘Hey, now I’ve to be very sturdy’ and there I began serious about Santa Maria at the foot of the cross… since you do your There’s no means you possibly can watch a baby, an harmless, new child, somebody who has performed no hurt, endure so intensely. If you do not have one thing a lot larger than your self to be impressed by, to look to as a mannequin, it is very exhausting to remain calm. is, you understand? Keep calm. And I wished that peace. I knew that is what God wished from me. And I knew that I used to be going to be an instance to different moms on the market. I could not let God down.”

Ebstein’s anomaly

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Maria Guilhermina was born with a uncommon congenital coronary heart illness known as Ebstein’s anomaly. spoke to OFuxico to make clear the uncommon situation affecting the youngster Dr. Juliana Rodrigues NevesSpecialist in pediatric cardiology and director of the interventional part in congenital coronary heart illness of the Brazilian Society of Hemodynamics and Interventional Cardiology (SBHCI).

Ebstein’s anomaly is a uncommon dysfunction of the tricuspid valve. It develops in about 1% of all congenital coronary heart defects and, when it does, the tricuspid valve is malformed, positioned too low, permitting blood to flee backwards from the ventricle into the atrium. “Ebstein’s anomaly is a uncommon congenital coronary heart illness and in its neonatal type, in the case of Maria Guilhermina, this can be very uncommon. Congenital coronary heart illness of the Ebstein anomaly sort happens in 01 in each 20,000 newborns”, Dr. Juliana Rodrigues emphasizes Naves.

Daughter Leticia and Juliano Cazare

All of this outcomes in dilation of the atrium and “atrialization” of the direct ventricle, inflicting coronary heart failure and back-up of blood circulation, which might trigger fluid to build up in the lungs. In addition, inadequate circulation of purple blood in the physique additionally happens.

“Ebstein’s anomaly is a malformation of the coronary heart valve, which opens to permit blood to go by and closes to forestall it from returning the means it got here in. So, in this situation, there’s a valve anomaly known as the tricuspid valve. The tricuspid valve is the entrance to the coronary heart. is and permits vessels that convey in already used blood (already deoxygenated by the physique) to return to the coronary heart, go by the tricuspid valve, and into the lungs to obtain this oxygen. The anomaly is the illness of this valve, which is ready decrease than regular. Therefore, the decrease the valve implantation, the extra extreme the illness”, he explains.

Maria Guilhermina gets worse
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The skilled additionally clarified how the analysis is made in instances like actor Juliano Cazare’s new child daughter. “In this case, the analysis was made while nonetheless in utero. This is finished by an examination known as a fetal echocardiogram, which is carried out by a cardiopediatrician who specializes in echocardiograms even while the mom is in the womb. This ultrasound determines the nature of Ebstein’s illness, the diploma of response and whether or not intervention will happen. Whether or not it’s mandatory instantly after beginning.”

Regarding remedy, she identified that there are a lot of anatomical types of the anomaly, and the most extreme is neonatal presentation and requires intervention instantly after beginning.

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Leticia Cazare

“A child identified with Abstryn’s anomaly is born who wants a second route of blood to the lungs aside from the regular route, which might be by the tricuspid valve and the pulmonary artery. So you have to undergo the course of instantly after supply. There are two methods to intervene in these youngsters: the first is open chest surgical procedure in which the surgeon locations a tube and creates a path for this blood in the lungs, and the second process is carried out by catheterization, which has a stent. is inserted, which accommodates a small piece of steel that enables this blood to go to the lungs by a vein that every child has inside the mom’s stomach known as the ductus arteriosus, however which closes after beginning. That is, the stent prevents this channel from closing”.

“If the child doesn’t bear any intervention, it develops what we name cyanosis, a new child with the lowest oxygen”, he concluded.

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