MC Mirella and the ‘Greek kiss’: Are there health risks in licking other people’s anus? – 12/06/2022

“Greek kiss” turned a subject on social networks after the scene starring MC Mirella. In the most up-to-date episode of the actuality present “On Vacation With Ex Caribe: Salseiro Vip”, she is proven receiving foreplay, which mainly includes licking or kissing a associate’s anus or anal space.

Although pleasurable – as a result of the anus is stuffed with nerve endings – this number of oral intercourse could be harmful to health and requires care.

  • The anus is a “probably contaminated area of our physique”., describes Jairo Bauer, a sexuality therapist and VivaBem columnist. This is as a result of there are many illness-inflicting microorganisms that may stay in this area.
  • For those that give Greek kisses, the danger is certainly contracting viruses, micro organism or parasites.Especially if the particular person has sores in the mouth or sores in the nostril, which may turn out to be an entry level for infectious brokers.
  • Among the risks are hepatitis, gastroenteritis, HPV (papilloma virus), syphilis, herpes and other STIs (sexually transmitted infections).
  • The mouth also can contaminate the anal area and pose a danger to the particular person receiving the kiss. This can occur if the particular person licking has kind 1 herpes (lips), oral candidiasis or oropharyngeal gonorrhea, for instance. With a weakened immune system, the danger of an infection will increase.
  • Initial contact with the anus might also be adopted by putting the mouth on the genitals Bacterial migration Escherichia coli to the urethra or epididymis (channel positioned behind the testicles), inflicting painful infections.

MC Mirella truly received a kiss on the anus in ‘On Vacation with Ex: Salseiro VIP’

Image: Playback/MTV

Learn how one can defend your self

Two attitudes can cut back the health risks related to Greek kissing. See beneath:

  • is the first care really useful by docs Clean the anus with cleaning soap and water Before foreplay.
  • Use of condoms is required or “The tooth give?? (latex sheet used as dental barrier) on tongue?? Protection is essential to forestall direct contact of mucous membranes (mouth and anus), a state of affairs that may result in contamination in any type of oral intercourse.
  • A “Greek kiss” shouldn’t be carried out if the particular person has an an infection, accidents, or bleeding.

Learn extra about infections that may be transmitted by way of unprotected oral intercourse

  • Syphilis: It is characterised by the look of lesions, first on the genitals, and then on the complete physique. However, it’s attainable to have the illness with out signs. Both those that obtain it and those that do it could possibly contract syphilis, which may result in cardiovascular and nervous problems.
  • Gonorrhea: Causes irritation of the urinary tract and can unfold to other organs. It normally has signs, however when the feminine genital tract is contaminated by gonorrhea, it’s extra frequent to be asymptomatic. Women who develop the illness with out signs could have problem conceiving. Transmission is thru oral intercourse for 2 folks concerned in the act. Contact with ejaculate or secretions is extra contagious, however it may be transmitted by contact alone, even with out accidents.
  • Herpes: It is characterised by the look of small painful lesions, which can be on the genitals or in the mouth. The illness can solely be transmitted by pores and skin-to-pores and skin contact with the sore, and it will also be by way of kissing and oral intercourse – each those that do it and those that obtain it may be contaminated.
  • HPV: Human papilloma virus Human papilloma virus) is a sexually transmitted an infection and assaults, particularly, mucous membranes (oral, genital or anal), in each ladies and males. 30% to 40% of contaminated folks have bodily proof of the illness, equivalent to warts. If an individual has this main lesion, he has a excessive viral load and in oral intercourse, by friction alone, he’s already transmitting the microorganism.
  • Chlamydia: Causes irritation of the genitals and urinary tract, and could trigger infertility. Chlamydia could be transmitted to each companions throughout oral intercourse, however contact with sperm will increase the danger.
  • Hepatitis A, B and C: Each hepatitis has its personal mechanism of motion. Hepatitis B is brought on by the HBV virus. Transmission happens primarily by way of sexual contact with an contaminated particular person, both by way of semen or by way of anal or vaginal secretions. Hepatitis A virus could be transmitted by way of any sexual exercise with an contaminated particular person. Although not widespread, hepatitis C will also be transmitted by way of sexual contact.

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