Meet the winners of the 14th Cinefantasy

The winners of the 14th Cinefantasy, a pageant centered on queer cinema primarily based in São Paulo, have been introduced in the present day (18), with the present exploring the newest in the style and splitting greater than 200 titles into completely different reveals in the metropolis.

Check out the full checklist of winners of the 14th Cinefantasy:

Show options:
Best Film: Hucera, by Michelle Garza Cervera
Best Director: Michel Garza Cervera (Hucera)
Best Screenplay: Quina Lee (Bipolar)
Best Actress: Natalia Solyan (Husera)
Best Actor: Fabricio Bolívara (Munguza)
Honorable Mention: Forbidden World, by Ale Camargo and Camilla Kerosin

Popular Jury – Feature: By Mundo Foribido, Ale Camargo and Camila Kerosin
Popular Jury – Short: The Seal, by Alessandro Correa

Best Film Justification: Debut Feature by Mexican Michel Garza Cervera, Husera In a compelling and well-filmed plot about the worry of motherhood, the means we’re haunted by the great folks, with out sidestepping the points of the current. Mansplaining it’s Gaslighting.

Support for Honorable Mention: Forbidden World, by Alê Camargo and Camila Carrossine, tackles the problem of creating and independently producing an area journey solely in 3D. This point out proposes to encourage state and personal institutional assist to present visibility to Latin American animation cinema and to stimulate new productions of Brazilian animation cinema.

Nominations for the 2023 Fentalatum Grand Prize
Feature Film: The Eye and the Wall by Javier del Cid
Short movie: Blackout by Rodrigo Grota

Show: Short movies

Horror reveals:
Best Film: Cruise, by Sam Rudikoff
Honorable Mention: By Us, Daniel Amaral and Fernando Pompeo Neto

Best Film Justification: For good engagement with folks, wonderful path of actors and wonderful manufacturing worth. Discussion of the world of work was linked to the horror style, bringing disorientation and suspense with an necessary social critique.

Honorable Mention Endorsement: For sophistication of manufacturing design and boldness of cinematographic language.

Shows unusual black energy
Best Film: Mill Vinnie – Cachoira Suite, by Luan Santos

Best Film Credit: For inventiveness in language, for bringing the metropolis as a central ingredient in the narrative, for utilizing the soundtrack as a guiding thread, for avoiding repetition of cues and for selecting an clever montage that performs with the cinematographic language.

Scientific literature reveals:
Best Film: The Sprayer, by Farnoosh Abedi
Honorable Mention: Reaching the Vortex by Pedro Poveda and Emmanuel Vizcano

Best movie justification: We think about the aesthetic refinement of animation strategies alongside the present and rising of its political criticism, in addition to a stupendous sensibility in its poetic visible design that conveys many layers of narrative which means with out being sudden or superficial.

Justification of Honorable Mention: We wish to give an honorable point out to the quick movie for its simplicity of language, sufficient and inventive use and intelligent use of sarcastic humor as social commentary.

Showcase Fantastic Women:
Best Film: Future Lovers, by Jessica Goulart
Honorable Mention: Triskelion, by Jessica Raes

Nomination for Best Film: Our primary award goes to a movie that unites the many dimensions of the incredible to talk of love. With a lean manufacturing, a well-crafted script and path, this movie presents us with science fiction in a futuristic and dystopian Brazil, however in which there’s nonetheless room for, the truth is, what is going to save us, love. For all of this, Fantastic Women goes to our Best Film of the Show future loversBy Jessica Goulart.

Honorable Mention Endorsement: The curatorship revealed to us a pluralistic and thought-provoking take a look at the incredible universe created by ladies from completely different international locations. So a lot for that, we carry two awards. Honorable Mention and Top Prize. Our honorable point out goes to a movie that hypnotizes and tells a narrative with poetry, mastering animation strategies to explain, mainly, the origin of a logo already so widespread however, the truth is, little understood. So, goes our honorable point out The TriskelionBy Jessica Race.

Fantasy Show:
Best Picture: Warm Wool, by Tony Olson
Honorable Mention: Valentina Versis, EMZ Camargo and Anne Lisse Alle

Best Film Justification: The Fantasy Short Film Festival winner returns to a primordial supply of the incredible, the universe of legends. Film Editing brings the storytelling precision of this custom to cinematic type. The archetypal characters and interval make the aesthetic contemporary and the unique narrative timeless.

Honorable Mention Justification: Jury highlights with Honorable Mention for the movie Valentina As against utilizing the narrative and aesthetic sources of that very same universe to carry to the display screen a dialogue of machismo and poisonous conduct in the universe of video games. Themes very pricey to up to date society are handled in the language of youth by means of a narrative that immerses its heroes, in the great universe of video games and role-playing video games.[dogamesejogosdeRPG[dogamesejogosdeRPG

Show amateur-student:
Best Film: A botija, o beto a besta fera by Tulio Beat
Honorable Mention: The Joy of Killing Insects by Leonardo Martinelli

Best Film Justification: We selected the movie, Botija, blessed and wild beast Highlights for the wonderful artwork path and images path for the stunning pictures and framing plus the properly directed path of the forged inside the proposal. The audio work is price mentioning, and particularly the soundtrack, which makes use of components of Northeastern identification comparable to Rabeka timbre and Mixolydian scales.

Honorable Mention Justification: It primarily drew consideration for the means the story was constructed, the alternative of artwork components and the wonderful performances of the actors.

Show animation:
Best Film: Tears from the Scene, by Alice Leteller, Philippine Singer, Lisa Vicente, Hadrian Pinot, Etienne Moulin, Nicolas Mayur, Eliot Bernard and Yannis Baled
Honorable Mention: Mesa, by João Fazenda

Best movie justification: The movie has an plain narrative and technical impression, which makes us replicate the triviality of violence from the character’s level of view and brings to gentle the bloodbath, which till just lately was forgotten by the French.

Justification for Monrosa Mention: Short desk Exemplifies charisma, building, design and creativity. From starting to finish it represents the social circulate/life properly. It was one of the funniest movies to look at, so it deserves the pageant’s honorable point out award.

Fantastic Brazil Show:
Best Film: The Fish, by Natasha Jaskelevich

Best Film Justification: One chosen by the jury, for its skill to create the spectacular from on a regular basis components and its examination of feminine pleasure fish.

Fantastic Spain reveals:
Best Film: La Luz, by Igo Soto

Best Film Justification: As the most unique quick movie in the Fantastic Spain quick class at the Cinéfantasia Festival, the winner needs to be La Luz from Lake Soto; A darkish story that captivates the viewer; Placing gentle and darkness as protagonists, and thus attaining a particular {photograph} that enhances the rustic, rural, ominous artwork of the time.

Fantasteen-Little Fantastic reveals:
Best Film: The Red Fish, by Bassem Ben Brahim

Best Film Justification: For the poetic and accessible language, and the use of numerous animation strategies that create an unique narrative.

Showcase superb range:
Best Film: I, Mermaid by Augusto Almoguera
Honorable Mention: Absence, by Alexia Araujo

Best Film Justification: Winner of the Fantastic Diversity Short Film Competition I’m a mermaid, directed by Augusto Almoguera, which opens huge the transphobic construction of affection on this work, with subtlety and depth. We spotlight excellent work of images and artwork path, in addition to an incredible soundtrack.

Honorable Mention Support: The jury additionally highlights the work Absenceby Alexia Araujo, who will get an honorable point out for an attention-grabbing work in transferring animation that communicates properly with the present’s premise.

CTAV Award
The Fish, by Natasha Jaskelevich

AIC Cinema Award
Static, by Gabriela Quiroz

Don Javier by Cadu Rosenfeld

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