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Theater Musical Review

Title: Club da Esquina – Dreams by no means get outdated

Text: Fernanda Brandlis (based mostly on the ebook by Márcio Borges)

Direction: Denis Carvalho with the assist of Thiago Marinho

Music Direction: Alexandre Cassin with the assist of Elisio Freitas

Cast: Thiago Barbosa (Milton Nascimento), Romulo Weber (Marcio Borges) Kedu Libonati (Lo Borges), Leo Bahia (Marilton Borges), Maria Bravo (Maricota Borges), Rafael de Castro (Solomon Borges) Victor Novello (Wagner Tiso), Daniel Haider (Fernando Brant), Tom Karabachian (Beto Goodes), Gob Lara (Ronaldo Bastos) Celso Luz (Nana Vasconcelos), Aline Porto (Duka Lil), Ella Marino (Alice Regina), Guilherme Ferraz (Robert Silva) Oscar Fabio (Toninho Horta) and Ana Alyssa Schumacher (Sofia and Jeanne Moreau)

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♪ In the metropolis of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), present at the Teatro Riachuelo from Thursday to Sunday, October 23, with a further session on September 19.

♪ A solar that evokes the picture of a practice is the viewer’s first sight whereas the music Club da Esquina – Dreams by no means get outdated enters the scene on the stage of the Teatro Riachuello. This picture symbolizes the arrival of Milton Nascimento (Tiago Barbosa), suitcase in hand, in Belo Horizonte (MG), the place a powerful friendship will blossom between the artist, the Borges clan and fellow pals such as Fernando Brant (1946 – 2015). ).

The motto of the pop motion that will turn out to be recognized as the Club da Esquina, these fraternal ties are the uncooked materials of the theater musical, whose textual content is predicated on the ebook by Fernanda Brandalis. Dreams do not age – tales from Club da Esquina (1996), written by composer Marcio Borges, one in all the central characters in Milton’s story.

Nine years after orchestrating Alice, the musical (2013), one in all the greatest successes of Brazilian musical theater, Denis Carvalho directs a present that strikes ahead by intertwining tales of affection, music, friendship and politics that make folks weak, particularly after they set up a connection with the second of resistance in Brazil. doing. In 2022, viz To Lennon and McCartney (Márcio Borges, Lô Borges and Fernando Brant, 1970), a collective quantity led by actor Rômulo Weber, Marcio Borges’ interpreter.

In truth, the story started 60 years in the past when Milton composed his first track in 1962 – The sound of the practiceReleased on document in 1964 as one in all the instrumentals of the Holiday Set – and sparked by the novice artist’s assembly with the Borges, a household that welcomed him with affection below the blessing of Maria Fragoso Borges (1920 – 1996). ), a personality defended with humor by Donna Maricotta, Maria Bravo, an underused actress on the scene as a (nice) singer, entitled to a single (half) solo. Maria Maria (Milton Nascimento and Fernando Brant, 1976).

The partnership with Marcio Borges – started when Milton and his new good friend noticed the movie Jules and Jim (1962) and determined to make a music impressed by the great thing about French filmmaker François Truffaut’s characteristic movie (1932 – 1984) – the first step in the collective motion that blossomed in the early Seventies.

Projecting some pictures from Truffaut’s movie, the musical emphasizes the true friendship between two younger musicians, from Minas Gerais at coronary heart, despite the fact that the most important character’s origins are by the way Carioca.

On stage, Tiago Barbosa expresses Milton Nascimento in a rare means, supported by an ideal characterization that evokes the determine of the singer in any respect phases of the actor’s life. Although Milton’s voice is one thing of a god, not repeated on stage, as is clear in the interpretation of the first quantity, Pillar (Milton Nascimento and Ronaldo Bastos, 1972), Thiago Barbosa sings nicely and has a compelling second when he reaches emotional depth. my hunter (Sérgio Magrão and Luiz Carlos Sá, 1980), already close to the finish of the narrative, when Milton tries to flee. Dark forest trapsExpressed by alcohol dependancy.

The Musical ‘Club da Esquina – Dreams Don’t Age’ – Photo: Julio Mello / Click Photo / Publicity

True to the unifying spirit of the story, the musical Club da Esquina – Dreams by no means get outdated Supported by the collective power of a cohesive forged. Although there are excellent presences such as Leo Bahia, who units a comic book document in Merylton Borges as a fantastic actor (pleasing the viewers), the present is pushed by collectivity and subsequently, scholar coronary heart of the viewer.

The textual content flows nicely regardless of occasional historic inaccuracies. The most critical is that Alice Regina (1945 – 1982) – considerably histrionic in the interpretation of Ella Marinho – was dazzled by Milton Nascimento’s music after listening to the singer carry out. crossing (Milton Nascimento and Fernando Brant) first in 1967 International Song Festival (FIC) when, in truth, the tuned singer had projected the musician whereas recording the earlier yr candy track On the album Alice (1966) (Milton Nascimento, 1965).

In the service of emotion, the textual content detaches itself from occasions and musical chronologies, offered outdoors of the unique context. Club da Esquina 2 (Milton Nascimento, Marcio Borges and Lô Borges, 1972), for instance, is sung when Milton data the album Club da Esquina 2 In 1978, however, strictly talking, the track was a part of the first album of the anthology Club da EsquinaRecorded in 1972 and signed by Milton with Lo Borges, assigned to Cadu Libonati.

However, no historic anomaly prevents the music from being charming throughout the two orchestrated acts, emphasizing the brotherhood established amongst the younger artists and the hope for Brazil’s future with a dose of alcohol. The circulate from begin to end is outstanding.

Under the musical path of Casein, assisted by Eliseo Freitas, the monumental repertoire of the Club da Esquina – and musicians added to the motion, such as Toninho Horta, writer A damaged kiss (1975), Marcio Borges’s character Duca reappears on the scene in a memorable solo by Elin Porto – with no hint of style – at the time of separation.

There they’re, intact, the songs and melodies that accompany the dreamy youth between generations that by no means develop outdated. This facilitates viewers interplay, for instance, when actors Tom Karabachian (as nicely as the comically shy Beto Gudes) and the aforementioned Cadu Libonati (much like Lou Borges) lead the viewers refrain. Window panorama (Lo Borges and Fernando Brant, 1972).

Tom Karabachian (Beto Guedes) and Kedu Libonati (Lo Borges) sing ‘Landscape in the Window’ in the musical ‘Club da Esquina – Dreams Don’t Age’ — Photo: Julio Mello / Click Photos / Publicity

The musical combines humor and brotherhood with politics, which is embedded in a lot of the drama. The information of the demise of the scholar Edson Luis (1950 – 1968) – who was killed by the police in a conflict with a scholar demonstration – is an excuse for Tiago Barbosa to maneuver to a crowded nook. the boy (Milton Nascimento and Ronaldo Bastos, 1976).

Jealousy (Soon Away) directed by Fernando Brant (Daniel Haider) by Marcio Borges additionally enters the scene at the starting of Milton’s partnership with lyricist Lapidar D. Missing Panair planes / Chatting at the bar (1974).

Brant and Marcio Milton complemented one another in Nascimento’s work as each translated the composer’s soul into exact phrases, as the steadiness of the era’s existence turned evident in the sister’s songs. What was truly accomplished (Milton Nascimento and Fernando Brant, 1978) and What occurred to Vera? (Milton Nascimento and Marcio Borges, 1978), literate by one and the different.

And talking of Fernando Brant, Daniel Haider’s duet with Thiago Barbosa Sock ball, marbles (Milton Nascimento and Fernando Brant, 1980) He strikes to deliver to the scene the boy who nonetheless lives in the soul of all these younger individuals who have made historical past in this theater musical by creating music that has already been charming audiences since its premiere in August. Belo Horizonte. (MG), the metropolis the place the dream that also unites Brazil in 2022 was born, highlighted by this show of insistent spirit, is as political as fraternity is critical as a result of one other October is but to return.

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