Netflix novel reminds us how much we should celebrate SUS – 02/08/2022

Last week, Netflix launched the film “Continência ao Amor” (Purple Hearts). Here’s the synopsis: “A musician and a soldier marry for the comfort of going to struggle. But a tragedy turns this sham relationship into actuality.”

Yes, it is one other a kind of romances teenager Those streaming platforms launch in droves, with an unmistakable recipe: cute protagonists, sugar-water plots, music, plot twists and joyful endings. But why are we speaking in regards to the movie right here stay effectivelyA spot discussing well being?

From right here on out, we’ll offer you some plot spoilers, so learn at your individual danger, okay?

The story takes place in California (USA), the protagonist Cassandra Salazar (Sophia Carson), or Casey, has kind 1 diabetes, and the movie exhibits the battle the lady goes by means of to get the insulin she must survive.

In one specific scene, she’s on the pharmacy and the clerk says she will’t give insulin to Casey — who’s a waitress along with taking part in in a band — as a result of there was no time for medical health insurance, the hormone can simply be launched. In 4 days, or she could have the choice to purchase it: US$300, about R$1,500. To which she replies: “I solely should stay till Friday”.

In September 2019, Tatyana Pronin, an affiliate of stay effectively In New York, a report confirmed how younger diabetics within the US, the world’s largest financial system, ration insulin doses to suit remedy into their budgets. Most of them have medical health insurance masking solely a part of the therapy.

Unfortunately, folks can’t afford therapy for his or her diabetes and circumstances of dying are usually not unusual there.

Founder of T1 International -a non-revenue group that helps patients- Elizabeth Feaster, who grew up within the US and now lives within the UK, provides an thought of ​​the values: “I can let you know that right here I pay nothing for insulin and provides , whereas within the USA, between $800 and $1,000 per 30 days is spent on medical health insurance.” In reais, this could be equal to about R$5,500.

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Back within the movie, Casey marries soldier Luke Morrow (Nicholas Galitzin) to be able to qualify for navy medical health insurance and thus obtain therapy for diabetes. She additionally will get an insulin infusion pump, a really fashionable therapy choice: it’s a moveable digital gadget that, hooked up to the physique by a versatile needle, releases the hormone for twenty-four hours.

The physician applications the tools, whereas the affected person adjusts the dosage in line with food plan and train. It can be utilized by people with kind 1 or 2 diabetes.

Still within the pharmacy, the chief refers to speedy and lengthy-performing insulin. It is price mentioning that the brand new era of insulin has introduced extra consolation to the individuals with diabetes. The varieties out there differ within the pace of motion and the period they act on blood glucose. May have combos of makes use of and may solely be prescribed by a health care provider.

Slow-acting insulin mimics the physique’s fixed secretion to maintain ranges at a minimal all through the day. It works in about 90 minutes, with a peak of 8 hours and over 18 hours. Long-lasting works in 90 minutes and as much as 24 hours, whereas Ultra-Long works as much as 42 hours.

Fast kind acts like insulin which is launched when we eat. Applied half-hour earlier than a meal, it prevents meals from elevating blood sugar ranges. It takes impact inside half-hour, reaching 3 hours and greater than 6 hours. Ultra-fast prompts nearly immediately. Used earlier than meals, it peaks in 2 hours and acts for five hours.

If Casey have been Brazilian, she can be entitled to have her therapy absolutely funded by the SUS (Sistema Único de Saúde), which supplies lengthy-performing and speedy-performing human insulin for kind 1 and a couple of diabetes, and for her rapid- Acting analog. Type 1, along with syringes and applicator pens.

So as soon as once more, as we by no means tire of claiming in the course of the Covid-19 pandemic (Which is not over but!), lengthy stay SUS. Health is a assured proper within the Brazilian Constitution.

In 2021, insulin turns 100 years previous and stay effectively revealed a particular report telling the story of this essential hormone.

To know how this story of well being and love ends, I counsel you watch the film.

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