O Boticário and Vitória Rodrigues transform the stories of Northeast women into twine

Versatile, good and heroic, women from the Northeast transform themselves into stars throughout the marketing campaign for Liz Sublime, a perfume by Boticario. In partnership with Cordis presenter and producer, Vitória Rodrigues and below the slogan “The Glow I Carry With Me”, the model tells the stories of women in the group who indirectly have impressed others to shine as properly.

The Liz model perfume encourages all folks to transform their expertise into the most lovely factor they’ve, and this motion is an element of the model’s positioning and technique, which seeks to strengthen the feminine affect in the Northeast. Cradle of nice names in the historical past of Brazil, akin to Lia de Itamaraca, the well-known Cirandeira, Marta Silva, the nice soccer participant and different essential personalities, this area is the heart of motion of Boticario, who needs to boost his energy. “We consider that women are the sum of the whole lot they’ve ever skilled in life: each love, each mistake and each success – the whole lot is a supply of studying. And, thus, they create a knowledge that’s theirs alone. Liz Sublime needs to share this energy and magnificence to encourage different women”, feedback Marcela de Masi, Director of Communications at O ​​Boticário.

Through social networks, Vitoria Rodrigues invited the viewers to share the inspiring stories lived by the women of the Northeast. At the finish of the motion, the model chosen three stories and turned them into a string, which is being printed on the model’s digital channels. “For me, having the ability to be an element of that’s so consultant and essential! Northeast tradition is immense, highly effective and the inspiration that underpins my creations. Being a black lady from the inside of Alagoas, raised by the women of the Northeast, robust, delicate and clever; It is inspiring to have the ability to rejoice this tradition by celebrating feminine energy by telling stories by way of Cordele literature”, says the presenter. “The expertise is gorgeous and is being accomplished with a lot love, affection and delicacy. I’m certain that this challenge, greater than selling the feminine energy of the Northeast, can be an inspiration for all women in Brazil”, she provides.

Created by AlmapBBDO and deployed by companies PROS, So What and W3, the motion can be marketed throughout the model’s digital media from the nineteenth.

About the product

Part of the fruity woody olfactory household, the perfume options Liz’s distinctive signature – a base of Lyre Iris Nobre – and a secret oil system that unites subtle French full iris with the energy of Madagascar vetiver. Liz Sublime additionally has notes of bergamot, mandarin, muguet and peach cream, which deliver simply the correct amount of creaminess and sweetness, with out shedding the essence of the common perfume, with a DNA and woody signature.


A fruity woody olfactory household of fragrances complimented by lightness, enjoyable and sparkle. The enveloping perfume brings fruity notes, with Liz’s distinctive signature, primarily based on layer iris nobre: ​​a secret system whose oil takes years to succeed in its optimum aroma and additionally combines subtle French good iris with the energy of Madagascar vetiver.

Technical Data – Liz Sublime 2022

Advertiser: O Boticario

Agency: AlmapBBDO

Title: Twine

Produced by: Liz Sublime

President and CEO: Philip Bartholomew

CCO: Luis Sanchez and Pernil

Creative Director: Antonia Zobaran

Composition: Gabriela Pimentel Pomelitto, Jose Eduardo Ciparron Scorzelli and Jose Helison Gomes

Audiovisual Production: Vera Jacinto, Diego Villas Boas and Elin Silva

Attendees: Camila Massari, Daniela Teixeira, Andressa Duo, Amanda López Moutinho, Monique Costa, Natalie Barros and Pedro Miranda.

Organized by: Rita Almeida, Daniela Ferrari, Giovanna Damiao and Ariane Du Carmo

Media: Suellen Kiss Maya Barbosa, Thiago Gonzales, Patrick Novais, Gustavo Martins Castanheira, Yasmin Buffa Gomes, Graciel Oliveira Santana.

Art Buyer: Teresa Setti

Model picture: Nicole Heniger

Hair and make-up: Helder Rodrigues

Costume Designer: Zé Dú

Pack: Boreal Studio


Animation Producer: ACACA

Creative Animation Direction: Rael Falkenbach

Animation Direction: Ricardo Maximo

Executive Director: Thabata Eluterio

Service: Pedro Rodrigues

Illustrators: Paula Aguirre, Christxin, Raffaella Mello, Movimento 1989 and Larissa Constantino

Assistant Illustration/Art: Luis Silva

Animation: Isaac Nascimento, Henrique Vecchio, Giancarlo Burani, Philip Caldas, Tiago Castro, Philip Porim, John Alves, Anderson Alves

Image Creator: Co

Director: Elle Henry

Director of Photography: Vitor Alencar

Assistant Director: Vitor Moreno

Art Direction: Anik Mas

Costume designer: Natascha Falcão

Create: Teo Miranda

Casting: Lorenzo Almeida

Production Director: Giba Rodrigues

Executive Producer: María João Calheiros/Marquinhos Monteiro

Production Coordinator: Thiago Freire

Post-Production/VFX: Team Company

Editor: Aroldo Miranda

Color grading: Eduardo Coelho – Dudu

Finisher: Team Company


Sound Producer: Raw Audio
Musical Production: Fernando Forni, Ricardo Pinda and Rogerinho Pereira
Music Direction: Hilton Roe
Sound Design and Mixing: Enrico Macchio and Philip Braunstein
Customer Service: Carol Peternelli
Coordinator: Roberio Barbosa

Approved by: Alexandre Bouza, Renata Gomide, Marcela Di Masi

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