PM has been arrested on charges of molesting two children at a club in Jatai (GO).

The man was earlier accused of attempting to rape a 12-year-old lady by calling her to a motel.

A retired navy police captain was arrested on suspicion of molesting two children inside a club in Jata, southwest of Goiás. The boys, aged 7 and 11, have been arrested on Monday (19) after the policeman reported touching them. A 3rd teenager additionally claimed to be the sufferer, however the civil police are but to show the suspicion.

Manoel Pacifico de Oliveira, 60, has been away since August 2021, when he was condemned for inviting a 12-year-old baby to remain at a motel.

The sufferer was with members of the family at the club, the place they spent Sunday being sexually harassed. After the children informed what occurred, the members of the family known as the municipal civil guard.

According to the guards, the little boy reported that he was in gold when the policeman approached him and touched his non-public elements. Another baby and a 13-year-old teenager have been additionally reported to have been touched. Manoel denied the allegations and mentioned he solely massaged the 7-year-old’s again contained in the sauna.

When guards discovered him, the policeman was contained in the club’s restaurant with one other baby, who was not associated to the investigation. To the guards, he informed that he was a captain of the navy police and that he solely paid for the lunch for the minor.

A police officer stays in custody and investigates police complaints that haven’t but been confirmed. He has to answer sexual harassment.

The PM invited the minor to a motel

In August final 12 months, Manoel was concerned in one other case of sexual offenses towards minors. He was condemned by the Public Ministry for making an attempt to rape a weak individual after he was caught attempting to persuade a 12-year-old lady and her cousin to go to a motel.

Manoel was charged with tried rape of a weak individual after he was caught attempting to persuade a 12-year-old boy and his cousin to go to a motel.

The teenager’s father impersonated his son on a messaging app and organized a assembly, the place he immobilized the military and known as the police.

At the time, {the teenager}’s mom mentioned her son met the PM at a club in Rio Verde, the place he was molested inside a swimming pool.

PM’s observe

In a observe, the navy police clarified that Manoel was submitted to the Council of Justification and misplaced his patent, after the primary case he was deemed unfit for enterprise.

The above Reserve Military Policeman, in March 2022, was submitted to a Judicial Council, the place he was declared to have forfeited his privilege with the publish/patent of a Remunerated Reserve Officer, being held ineligible for an officer on inactivity. The navy police have despatched the case information to the courtroom and are awaiting the approval of the executive resolution. The Military Police reiterates that it doesn’t condone any variety of misconduct, and in this case, all applicable measures, throughout the administrative scope, have already been taken with due rigour..

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