Prevention: Penile amputations increased 1604% and set a record in Brazil

Intimate well being is commonly taboo amongst males. This result’s alarming and embodies an alarming truth in Brazil, for instance, the nation has set a record for penile amputation. In the previous 14 years, penile amputation charges have increased 1604%. And that is fully related with private hygiene.

Cancer is the main reason for penile amputation in Brazil. Most typically, this illness is brought on by the dearth or full lack of cleanliness of the place. For Dr. Paulo Egidio, specialist in urology and Peyronie’s illness, this excessive quantity is said to the taboo between masculinity and males’s well being.

“Urological issues are nonetheless taboo for males right here in Brazil. When they discover one thing uncommon in the penile area, they determine to self-medicate with out consulting a specialist in this space. That is why it’s all the time vital to grasp that any lesion that doesn’t heal could possibly be penile most cancers. If the lesion takes greater than a month to heal, biopsy is vital for early prognosis.”.

Severed penis

DataSUS reported 1,791 instances of one of these most cancers in Brazilians in 2021. Over the previous 14 years, the Southeast area was the chief in the variety of penile amputation procedures.

An common of 515 Brazilians lose their limbs yearly in Brazil. According to the SBU (Brazilian Society of Urology), 6,582 surgical procedures are carried out for genital amputation. By area, they’re distinguished by:

Southeast: 2,872

Northeast: 2,104

South: 1,134

Midwest: 472

According to Egydio, it’s comprehensible that there are extra instances in the Southeast as it’s the most populated area of the nation. “In the northeastern area, the situation adjustments. The excessive temperature in this area can favor the proliferation of fungi and micro organism, so in the northeastern area, intimate space hygiene must be extra intense.says

Causes and prevention

Penile amputation is a software used in superior instances of most cancers in this organ. Doctors go for this process solely when different choices are not efficient.

Still based on official statistics, though alarming, the variety of new instances of penile most cancers is lowering.

While 2,197 had been reported in 2019, the quantity dropped to 2,095 in 2020. Currently it’s lower than 2,000 instances.

But it’s also value mentioning that the Kovid-19 pandemic has affected each the prognosis and medical take care of one of these tumor.

Even for SBU, the decline in instances displays, in truth, a decline in the variety of males in search of hospitals and specialists through the epidemic.

To stop penile most cancers, you will need to learn to observe good hygiene. For those that will not be circumcised, the affected person ought to take away the glans each time the organ is cleaned.

This cleaning shouldn’t be completed “simply” as soon as a day, it’s essential that the identical hygiene measures are adopted after sexual activity and any masturbation.

Peyronie’s illness is one other pathology that we should concentrate on to forestall its improvement. Peyronie’s is a manifestation of fibrosis in the tunica of the penis which might favor the emergence of curvature, dimension discount, thinning and erectile dysfunction.

It will be prevented by good management of ahead and backward actions to cut back the chance of sudden affect on the penis at most erection.

Regular bodily exercise, avoiding alcohol, tobacco and drug use, consuming frequently and healthily are the keys to stopping erectile dysfunction.

penile most cancers

One of the components that make it tough to scrub the organ is phimosis. It is a congenital illness, which prevents or obstructs the glans and makes hygiene tough.

Besides poor hygiene, different facets can even contribute to the increased danger of penile most cancers.


– phimosis (the place the pores and skin protecting the penis prevents the glans from protruding)

– Excessive foreskin

– Contamination by HPV

– Smoking

How to forestall most cancers and amputation

Cleanliness is paramount. Washing completely, utilizing cleaning soap and water and with ample frequency is ample. Urine left below the pores and skin of the penis, for instance, may cause fibrosis.

In addition to washing to take away these residues, it’s also vital to maintain the world dry always. This measure prevents the expansion of fungus on the penis.

How to establish

According to the National Cancer Institute (INCA), persistent sores or ulcers could also be indicators of this illness.

Periodic go to to urologist

However, it isn’t solely poor hygiene that may trigger most cancers. Among different points, genetic components and lack of normal examinations will be a dangerous factor that should be confronted.

Frequent visits to the urologist and examinations and care are needed to vary this situation.


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