Shay Ana Prado and model Counters talk about love for ex-fiancé

During the dynamic in A Fazenda 14 this Tuesday (20/9), Shayan talked about his romance with Ana Prado, whom he met as Cegas Brasil within the actuality present Casamento. The troubled relationship ended after a collection of fights and accusations on the net.

Without naming Prado, Shayan mentioned Netflix gave him “a narrative of love and ache.”

“I’m a Capricorn like Alex, I haven’t got many love tales. But what gave me a narrative of simultaneous love and ache was Netflix, two years in the past, after they invited me to a actuality present the place you meet a man blindly,” he mentioned.

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“On the primary day of the assembly, blindly, I spoke to an individual who I can’t overlook, I couldn’t get him out of my head. I attempted to suppose about the opposite individuals all evening, however I could not. The subsequent day, on the first door, in cabin 10, I met her and we began speaking,” he continued.

Shayan added: “I eradicated all the opposite contestants, so did she. with out realizing one another. And on daily basis we fell extra in love. It was a surreal power, f*cking connection. The day we had our first date was actually cool, we traveled collectively. It was actually nice till the day we began residing collectively.”

“So our marriage did not work out, nevertheless it’s a love that, after I turned 18, I did not really feel for anybody. I might really feel for him and I felt the love go inside me. But I noticed that love is actually inside every of us. And, solely on the proper time and with the best individual, this love will ignite”, he concluded.

Shortly after Shayan’s assertion on the Record TV actuality present, Ana Prado took to her Twitter and blasted Pawn. “It’s so improper and I do not even want to attain it right here, as a result of you may see it on the present. I love that he additionally talks like he is simply saying ‘no'”, she started. They walked down the aisle and each mentioned no.

“He forgets among the ‘little issues’ he says and does, does not he? Oh man, I am unable to! Romanticize on the Oak House”, added the ex-fiancé.

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