Siblings Davey and Mari Campilongo of ‘Pollyanna Mocha’ Comment on Soap Opera Characters: “Lovely Acting”

Davey and my Campilongo brothers interviewed for Contigo! cleaning soap opera, and commented on their characters in ‘Pollyanna’ by SBT

During the week we rejoice artists, brother’s day David And Mari Campolongo Visit one another and discuss their mutual ardour for artwork, in addition to the successes of Bento and Chloe Inn. Pollyanna Moka (SBT)

David asks Mary

Chloe is her first TV character. How does this all reside?

“It’s been wonderful, I’ve realized a lot from her! Chloe is such a candy character who has taught me to like appearing. She’s a godsend.”

You are 8 years outdated and you’re a multi-talent, who sings, performs, acts, dances… what do you love to do probably the most?

“I actually prefer it all. My favourite devices are the ukulele, piano, guitar and drums. I additionally like singing songs I wrote with you and dad, I like dancing and I like appearing. It’s onerous to choose only one factor. !”

What do you and Chloe have in frequent?

“She actually likes to sing and play and so do I. Chloe is a little more ready than me, however she actually enjoys her childhood and so do I. She’s very hooked up to her brother, as I’m. with you.”

What are your favourite music genres?

“I like all types of music. Foro, pop, traditional I see you play, rock, samba. I take into account myself eclectic (laughs).”

You have a tune on the Pollyanna Mocha soundtrack, proper? What is she speaking about?

“Yes, I’ve it, it is referred to as ‘My Story’ and it talks about pleasure and happiness. We want extra love for others. No extra bullying… It’s a second of happiness, pleasure.”

Mari asks David

Which movies encourage your appearing?

“I believe The Godfather, with Marlon Brando, which is a tremendous film. Another is There Will Be Blood, with my favourite actor Daniel Lewis. And the most recent one is Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf of Wall Street, which delivers every little thing. ..”

You have performed just a few live shows. Do you are feeling butterflies in your abdomen whenever you go on stage?

“I’ll admit I get nervous, okay? But that is regular, particularly after we’re backstage, watching the viewers. I believe the best is to not be nervous or too relaxed. It’s actually good to have a steadiness. .”

Do you favor music or appearing?

“I believe the 2 arts complement one another, I am unable to select only one. I need to proceed doing each and I’m going to review extra for that. I imagine a composer already has a really robust interpretive vein. have. like an actor.”

Like me, you’ve gotten a tune on a cleaning soap opera soundtrack. What is she speaking about?

“My tune ‘Our Time’ is the theme of the story of Bento, my character, and Kesya, performed by Duda Pimenta. It’s like a declaration of love that Bento makes for her, it represents a extra timid romance and they marry nicely. does. His story. He’s a boy who’s an old style romantic and tries every little thing to win her over. I composed this tune primarily based on an incident in my life and the ending is tied to the story of a cleaning soap opera.”

Which artists encourage you probably the most?

“There are many artists that I like, however the first three that come to thoughts are Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars and Charlie Puth.”

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