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Sun publicity — particularly now throughout the summer time — with out ample pores and skin safety may cause rapid injury, resembling sunburn, or lengthy-time period injury, resembling most cancers. That is why it is vital to reinforce the significance of right use of photo voltaic filters right now of 12 months.

Throughout the 12 months, Brazil has a excessive incidence of UV (ultraviolet) radiation, which apparently intensifies in summer time and can attain harmful ranges.

INCA (National Cancer Institute) estimates that from 2023 to 2025, 9,000 new instances of melanoma pores and skin most cancers, essentially the most aggressive kind, can be reported in Brazil, as well as to 220,000 instances of non-melanoma most cancers.

A lifetime of sunburns considerably will increase the danger of such a tumor sooner or later, in addition to pores and skin getting older and scarring.

Prevention consists of using sunscreen each time you’re outdoor, particularly in environments like seashores and swimming pools, and reasonable solar publicity.

“There’s a false impression that pores and skin most cancers is a small most cancers, however it’s not. Melanoma has a reasonably excessive mortality charge. And others, although not as deadly, have what we name excessive morbidity. They disfigure folks, And that’s. It is important to carry out surgical procedure that always disables aesthetically as a result of they weren’t taken care of.

Filter, protector or inhibitor?

In Brazil, merchandise with the identify “solar blocker” are not allowed to be offered, Schalka explains.

“Sunblock offered the thought of ​​complete blocking of photo voltaic radiation, which isn’t the case with every other product.”

Accepted phrases are: sunscreen, sunscreen or photoprotector, the latter being synonymous, with no distinction in safety issue.


Every sunscreen comes with a bundle quantity, which is the SPF (Sun Protection Factor). It is the denominator obtained after calculation.

This equation divides the quantity of photo voltaic vitality (ultraviolet radiation) required to trigger sunburn on protected pores and skin by the quantity of photo voltaic vitality required to trigger sunburn on unprotected pores and skin.

In sensible phrases, the next SPF ensures extra safety than a decrease SPF. Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) authorizes these merchandise to range between FPS 6 and FPS 99.

“Because of the various components that have an effect on the quantity of photo voltaic radiation, SPF doesn’t replicate time within the solar. In different phrases, SPF doesn’t inform the buyer of the time he can spend within the solar with out burning.”, factors out the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). is

How to select safety issue

Schalka factors that out The SBD and Brazilian consensus on photoprotection advocate that SPF needs to be no less than 30 (Understand the rationale within the subsequent matter).

There are a number of variables to think about when selecting a guard:

• An individual’s pores and skin kind: Fair skinned people will need the next safety issue. People with darker pores and skin could select an SPF nearer to 30.

• How lengthy an individual can be within the solar: Long days on the seashore would require a stronger safety issue, not like on a regular basis use, the place we’re much less uncovered to intense ultraviolet radiation.

• Time of day when uncovered to the solar: According to the FDA, one hour of photo voltaic vitality hitting the pores and skin at 9 a.m. is similar as quarter-hour within the noon solar.

Time to re-apply: The SBD knowledgeable says the best is to apply a protector each two or three hours or after a number of minutes within the water throughout a day on the seashore or pool, as even water-resistant merchandise have their limits when we’re out for lengthy intervals of time. drowned

• Amount of product used: This issue, in accordance to Schalka, will most positively or negatively intrude with sunscreen effectiveness.

Guard amount

“People do not apply sunscreen completely, as a result of it needs to be used. When you purchase an SPF 30 protector, it will not ship 30. If you do not use it accurately, you lose it”, observes the dermatologist. .

He concluded in a postgraduate thesis that the best for an individual to receive the safety claimed on the bundle is to use a 2 mg/cm² pores and skin cream or lotion.

“In follow, this represents a median of 35 grams to 40 grams for a 70 kg particular person. That’s lots, folks do not even remotely do it.”

That can be the equal of using a 3rd of a 120 ml bottle of sunscreen without delay.

If you apply half, 1 g/cm², which continues to be lots, SPF 30 turns into equal to SPF 10.

As virtually nobody does, there’s a advice for the next SPF for sure pores and skin varieties and reapplying each time potential.

Product varieties

Cream, cream gel, serum, spray… The types of presentation of sunscreen are various, with some targeted on the face or physique, provides the dermatologist.

“In common, facial protectors have extra prolonged cosmetics. Brazilians have extra oily pores and skin, so they’re drier merchandise, which do not depart as shiny, greasy. Therefore, they’ve a special spreadability profile. For the physique, superb The product is one that’s simpler to unfold, as a result of it has extra floor space, which might higher cowl areas with hair.”

He factors out that the ingredient that protects the pores and skin, nonetheless, is similar in all of them. The distinction can be sensory, how it is utilized and how the pores and skin takes care of use.

In the case of sprays, docs imagine they’ve the identical issue as lotions, however provide much less safety if utilized in small quantities.

“If an individual does a perfect utility, they’ve to apply it as in the event that they have been graffitiing on a wall, in a zigzag sample. To lower your expenses, folks spray a number of occasions and unfold it with their palms. This loses the feel of that movie. . It works badly due to it. That folks do not apply it absolutely.”

Schalka’s suggestion is to use a cream protector throughout your physique earlier than going out to the seashore or pool, already in your bathing swimsuit or whereas bare.

“Apply a beneficiant layer of sunscreen. You’re already properly protected. And then, on the seashore, the place it’s exhausting to apply cream, it sticks to the sand and all that stuff, the spray works properly to reapply this. “

Another prompt use of the spray is for the scalp, particularly in folks with brief hair. Doctors warn that that is an space that’s typically ignored and that it is widespread for some pores and skin lumps to seem.

“Cream will make hair greasy, and an individual will not like that. The spray is not excellent, it leaves a bit of greasiness, however it disguises itself after it dries. And I at all times advocate sporting a hat. Both issues, as a result of, on the time [a pessoa] Go for a swim within the sea and take off your hat, there is a lifeguard to assist.”

the lips

Besides the scalp, lips are one other a part of the physique that many individuals don’t care to shield.

“It’s not as a result of the lips do not burn that it’s unlikely to have an issue”, warns the physician, noting that the issue that may happen is actinic cheilitis, a sort of degeneration of the pores and skin of the lips by the solar that predisposes. For pores and skin most cancers.

Can be protected with the identical product used for face or physique. However, to keep away from the style of the guard within the mouth, there are sticks with sunscreen that fulfill this operate.

Sun safety capsules

Although they’ve been offered in Europe for a number of many years, capsules to shield towards injury brought on by ultraviolet rays are comparatively new in Brazil.

This kind of product is produced from a plant known as Polypodium leucotomos, which has the power to scale back the injury brought on by radiation, which nonetheless manages to take away the sunscreen barrier and assault the DNA of cells, producing free radicals and interfering with the protection. the pores and skin

“It’s a secondary safety technique, it ought to by no means be used completely. It needs to be utilized in mixture with a topical sunscreen. People with delicate pores and skin, very mild pores and skin, a historical past of pores and skin most cancers in her or her household, issues with age spots, we We advocate combining this product with a topical sunscreen within the workplace”, provides the dermatologist.

Care shouldn’t be restricted to summer time

Finally, it needs to be famous that pores and skin safety care shouldn’t be restricted to summer time days solely.

“Sunscreen is a product that’s not low-cost, for a lot of causes, however it is a well being product, it is not only wellness, it is anti-getting older”, emphasizes Schalka.

According to him, research present that about 70% of the radiation we absorb throughout our lifetime comes from routine actions.

“Every day [você] You can use a product with a barely decrease SPF. It is not going to be utilized to an space the place you are sporting garments, however to your face, particularly, we advocate making use of it no less than within the morning and strengthening it at lunchtime. This already presents a major advantage of safety over time. Women have already tailored extra to this as they incorporate each day sunscreen into their each day care routine. But for many males, this holds much more resistance.”

*Report initially printed on 12/21/2021

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