Lenir Santos: ADI 5,595 and the underfunding of health

Gilson Carvalho, doctor and nice scholar-analyst of health financing (which impressed him to create Domingueira da Saude), and Adib Jaten have been nationwide voices in opposition to the risks of SUS attributable to its persistent and everlasting inadequacy of funding, Carvalho mentioned. “The largest dilemma for the implementation of the constitutional SUS was, and nonetheless … Read more

Adelton Meireles: Nurses’ ADI, Barroso’s Mistakes

Minister Roberto Barroso, whereas evaluating, so as, decided the suspension of the complete software of ADI nº 7.222, Law nº 14.434/22. As is thought, this regulation established minimal wages for nurses, nursing technicians, nursing assistants and midwives, benefiting private and non-private workers and statutory servants of unions, states, federal districts and municipalities. ADI 7,222 was … Read more

In the bicentennial of Brazil’s independence, the declaration of love lives on – CASA SAPO News

I proceed to study from the finest work I’ve seen in 20 years. Author: Jorge Garcia, Real Estate Expert Out of the fantasy that cleaning soap operas, MPB vinyls, bossa nova and samba, books by Machado de Asis, Jorge Amado and Gilberto Freire, chronicles by Milore Fernandez and Nelson Rodríguez took me, I set foot … Read more