Health plan for servers in São Cateno becomes target in court – 12/16/2022

Sao Cateno servers well being plan becomes target in court Photo: Playback/Facebook The prosecutor’s workplace calls for that the Auricchio authorities bid to nominate a brand new service supplier; The current firm is in the fourth extension Beatriz Mireille From the Great ABC Diaries Heitor Mazzoco From the Great ABC Diaries 16/12/2022 | 09:10 The … Read more

The mother asks for the health plan’s attention to return to Recife

The household of child Pedro Antonio factors out that the Hepvida health plan refuses to pay for his return to Recife by way of air ICU, the solely means really useful by the medical staff. Baby Pedro Antonio, 11 months outdated, nonetheless in his mother’s womb went to Fortaleza (CE), which is from Recife, due … Read more