Deficiência de vitamina D aumenta em 78% o risco de developar fraqueza muscular

Based on knowledge from greater than 3 million individuals over 50 years of age, UFSCar researchers and British collaborators confirmed the significance of this substance for muscular well being (picture: Freepik) December 12, 2022 Maria Fernanda Ziegler | Agência FAPESP – A vitamin D has an necessary position to control the absorption of calcium and … Read more

Vitamin D May Help Brain Work Better, Scientists Suggest – News

The Vitamin D It is important for the right functioning of varied capabilities in our physique, together with immunity and bone well being. Now, US researchers counsel it could play a extra elementary function: enhancing mind operate. In a examine revealed in Scientific Journal of the US Alzheimer’s AssociationA workforce of scientists from Tufts University … Read more