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Since the re-democratization of the nation, this authorities, via its president, was the one authorities to reward the Brihante Ustra: “Because of Dilma Rousseff’s terror, I vote sure”. These had been among the president’s phrases to the delight of some and the astonishment of the world on the impeachment vote within the House of Democrats, and on nationwide tv. Before the vote, requested if the then president would depart the federal government, he did not blink: “With a coronary heart assault or most cancers, you need to stop”. Dilma was tortured by the torturer Ustra, who, along with utilizing pau-de-arara and electrical shocks, inserted wooden into the anus and stay rats into the vaginas of the ladies she tortured. So, how can we clarify the reminiscences of those that inhabit the corpses murdered by navy dictatorships that it’s potential for us to assist and idolize as guardians of fable, torture, and dying? Check out the total article.

For instance, methods to clarify the tormented Stephen, a righteous and Christian man who, after being bodily and mentally tortured in jail, was stoned to dying, and Jesus of Nazareth, who had his physique torn aside by scourges, who had been. Spit, spat, pricked, lower, who had his mouth soaked with gall when he was thirsty, who was hung and nailed to a cross to die very slowly, slowly, can we agree with those that overtly assist torture?

But this authorities, for its president, goes even additional, as a result of, in any case, for him “the error of the dictator was that he tortured and didn’t kill”.
This authorities, via its president, as a service provider of dying, disregarded vaccines that would have helped forestall the deaths of 1000’s of Covid victims within the largest well being disaster of the final 100 years. He claimed to not be a gravedigger, impersonated folks suffocated by the virus and unreasonably delayed vaccination campaigns and stability…

Oh, the stability…

Well, apart from a military of 1000’s of different deniers of vaccines and science, about 700,000 (seven hundred thousand) corpses too!
That was no small feat.

The two atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the finish of World War II had been 6 (six) instances extra highly effective than “Little Boy” and “Fat Man”.

How many of those lives may have been saved had it not been for the shame and irresponsibility?

This authorities, via its president, is towards human rights, below the false premise that “human rights ought to solely serve “human rights”, forgetting or pretending to neglect that there’s just one human proper handed right here on planet earth.” Is: Jesus the Nazarene .All the remainder had been and are sinners and nonetheless have an extended solution to go to be an angel.

If we had the chance to take a seat on the desk with Mother Teresa, or Luther King, or Gandhi, or Dulce de las Garibaldi, or Chico de Asis or Xavier, and the topic was human rights, what would any of them do? you inform us

Will any of them assist the president?

This authorities, below its head, each day sits, eats and drinks with the moneylenders from the temple, and makes use of the title of God in useless, marching Jesus himself falsely.

This authorities, via its president, stated that if there had been firearms two thousand years in the past, Christ would have armed himself, thus, despising every little thing taught by the younger Galilean within the Sermon on the Mount, and despising even the instance that this identical The younger Galilean, who serves us as trainer, mannequin and information, gave us, when Peter, drawing his sword, tore off the ear of a Roman soldier, on the time that the Lamb of God was being unjustly imprisoned.

This authorities, via its president, laughingly and mockingly stated, for the entire world to see and listen to, that it could “shoot” its opponents, unfold and unfold hatred.

This authorities, via its president, disrespects and assaults the press, the powers that be, homosexuals, indigenous folks, blacks, northeasterners and ladies, every time it will get the possibility, every little thing, completely every little thing, in defiance of the gospel of Jesus.

And in the meantime, many people, who’ve sworn to imagine in God, the Architect of the Universe, and who’ve pledged to battle towards oppression, prejudice and mistaken, stay silent, conveniently silent, generally cowardly silent, sadly.

This authorities, via its president, has supported, as by no means earlier than, police brutality, which has taken lots of of Amarillos to their graves.

This authorities, via its president, promotes the destruction of forests and forests within the title of fabric progress, and within the pulpits of church buildings, the place love, forgiveness and peace must be revered, distorts the teachings of Jesus and creates “weapons with weapons”. hand”, in a show of utterly blind religion, unjustified, admired and idolized by many who solely “see” solely the “savior” they need, however who, in reality, see nothing.

This authorities, via its president, doesn’t acknowledge the unjust sentence and spreads faux information each day to keep up its energy. At the identical time, he imposed orders of secular secrecy for suspicions of his excesses and corruption, which weighed on his shoulders, with the assist of 1000’s of individuals, desecrating anti-democratic acts and establishments.

This president was not solely a covid and science denier, he additionally denies the existence of starvation which kills and which has devastated 33 million Brazilians. You cannot even see a abdomen ache on the bakery door for lack of a chunk of bread!

This authorities is fascist and a few of its folks have even publicly expressed their sympathy for the horrors of Nazism.
We cannot cease, we will not be concerned, as a result of there are values ​​that are non-negotiable!

It’s not straightforward. It could be very tough, however remembering the Rabbi of Galilee, “Let us not be a folks to whom the gospel is preached, however is a useless letter which, like seed on a rock, bears no fruit”!

So allow us to query our conscience about our selections, and allow us to ask ourselves whether or not the alternatives we make in these elections is not going to violate the regulation of justice.

It’s not hate. That’s not disrespect. It isn’t intolerance. It isn’t a mix of politics and faith. It’s not a contest.

It is just the conclusion that, even earlier than voting, we can’t neglect that, if we nonetheless can’t love each other, as Jesus cherished us, we should at the very least attempt to fulfill one other obligation that has been assigned to us. is : “Notice to your self”…

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