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A group of scientists from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland is betting on present substances in recognized meals to search out new cancer therapies. In a examine revealed this Wednesday (7) in the journal Frontiers in PharmacologyA bunch of researchers presents the potential advantages of compounds current, for instance, in tomatoes and potatoes.

The group led by Magdalena Winkiel targeted on glycoalkaloids, which have the flexibility to inhibit the expansion of cancer cells and promote their dying.

Five glycoalkaloids had been studied particularly solanine, chaconine, solasonine, solamargin and tomatine, that are current in crude extracts of the plant household. Solanaceae – Includes tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, tobacco and some decorative vegetation.

Other vegetation in the household Solanaceae They are toxic, as a result of alkaloids they produce as a protection towards animals that eat them. However, scientists managed to transform the poison into drugs by discovering a protected therapeutic dose.

The first stage of examine is known as in silicoThese compounds present monumental potential, as they’re non-poisonous and don’t have any danger of damaging DNA or inflicting future tumors, though there may be some results on the reproductive system.

“Even if we can not substitute the anti-cancer medicine used right this moment, maybe mixed remedy will improve the effectiveness of this treatment. There are many questions, however with out detailed information of the properties of glycoalkaloids we won’t be able to search out out”, suggests. In a press release researcher Magdalena Winkle.

The subsequent step is to conduct the examine in vitro and in animal fashions, which can decide whether or not the glycoalkaloids have potential efficacy and security to permit testing in people.


Two glycoalkaloids current in potatoes—which depend upon cultivation and storage circumstances—are highlighted by the examine’s creator as promising.

Solanine, for instance, has the flexibility to inhibit the motion of some carcinogenic merchandise in the physique, in addition to stopping metastasis, which is the migration of tumor cells to different elements of the physique.

On the opposite hand, chaconine may be helpful for having anti-inflammatory properties, together with in the treatment of sepsis, the authors of the work counsel.

Solamargin, discovered primarily in eggplant, can also be recognized to stop liver cancer cells from reproducing. The compound additionally targets cancer stem cells, which play an essential position in resistance to cancer medicine.

Finally, tomatine current in tomatoes works to control the physique’s cell cycle so it could possibly kill cancer cells.

Although extra in-depth research are wanted, Magdalena and her group say there’s motive to consider that the excessive-temperature course of improves the properties of the glycoalkaloids.

Researchers perceive that it’s more and more crucial to show to what’s in the surroundings to search out new therapies towards cancer.

“Scientists around the globe are nonetheless looking for medicine that will likely be deadly to cancer cells, however on the similar time protected for wholesome cells. Despite the advances in drugs and the highly effective improvement of trendy treatment methods, it’s not simple. Go again to the medicinal vegetation that had been used years in the past to deal with varied illnesses. had been used efficiently in treatment. I consider it’s value re-inspecting their properties and maybe rediscovering their potential”, he says.

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