The Holy Spirit: Light of Love, Truth, and Humanity

Love solidifies us within the unity of the soul. Love will not be an concept; It is concrete and adjustments the world. That is why we are saying within the Song of the Day of Pentecost: “Renew the Face of the Earth”. The Holy Spirit involves renew love on the earth, in our hearts, in our lives; How usually will we flip our backs on this present of the Spirit and respect the love of the world.

O love of the world It is sort of a painkiller: it provides us momentary reduction, it nourishes us from scratch. It operates on the floor, on the stage of the senses; Does not attain deep into the guts.

Love, which comes from the Spirit, renews us, provides us braveness to beat fears, obstacles, encourages us to make choices. The Paraclete works in our souls, he descends into our depths, and strives to maintain the fireplace of love burning in our hearts. But it’s not simply any love, it’s the love of Christ.

learn extraWhy pray the opening novena for the consecration of Pentecost?Pentecost: Birth of the Missionary ChurchLove of the soul goes on, and even understanding this, Many individuals select useless and illusory love; A state of love that solely satisfies our senses.

The love given by the Holy Spirit will not be a love that guarantees rewards or simply victory; That one A comforting love, which supplies us the ability to beat difficulties. It is a love Don’t allow us to get caughtBecause, as St. John Paul II stated: “The worst jail is a closed coronary heart”.

There are loves which are like taking pictures stars. They are clear, flash for some time and disappear; They fulfill us on the skin and then depart us empty on the within.

The love that comes from the Paraclete will not be seen, But it at all times shines deep within the soul, Don’t allow us to down. It fills us with braveness, pleasure and confidence to face agency within the stroll of life.

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A way of fact and reassurance

Truth is at all times related with love, as a result of he who loves is true. The spirit of fact is upon him who seeks to like with out pretense; A hypocrite does not likely loveBecause your coronary heart is in creativeness, it pretends, and Pretense builds the guts and soul, and once we construct that, we’re unable to like. A hypocrite is proscribed by his selfishness, so he can not actually love and doesn’t have the energy to indicate his coronary heart with transparency.

learn extraPentecost: Receive and reside the presents of the Holy Spirit Pentecost: A Call to VoicePeople fake as a substitute of being themselves, and those that fake haven’t got the braveness to inform the reality. Where there’s solely room for “half-truths”, the virus of hypocrisy spreads simply.

But the Spirit needs to cleanse our hearts from the “bleach” of hypocrisy, as a result of it stains our dignity and obstructs our transparency. Therefore, He provides us His assurance, which fills us with splendor.

When we actually open the doorways of our hearts to the genuine consolation of the Holy Spirit, we are going to know methods to actually love!

We should cry out to the Spirit: Our hearts are full” So we aren’t afraid to be proper. Truth is a reduction, it units us free, it makes us completely happy and it makes us clear.

Mauricio Ribeiro

Coordinator of Altars and Acolytes of the National Sanctuary


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