The literary moment celebrates the arrival of spring

The arrival of spring in the Southern Hemisphere additionally marks the starting of the so-called flowering season. It is the time of fragrance that wafts into the air and the colour of petals in numerous configurations and dimensions evokes poets.

Not that there are numerous poems devoted to flowers or writers who select them as characters and surroundings for his or her tales. Machado de Assis talks about flowers to speak about love in the poem “Livros e flores”:

Your eyes are my books.
Which ebook is nice there?
In which it’s best to learn
Love web page?

Flowers are your lips for me.
Where is the most stunning flower,
Where is the finest place to drink?
Balm of love?

In the poem “Manira de Amar” by Carlos Drummond de Andrade, there’s a story of how a gardener feels for his flowers and loves sunflowers in another way:

The gardener used to speak to the flowers and so they received used to the dialogue. He spent the morning telling Crowine issues or listening to him that Geranium was conserving secret from him. The sunflower didn’t go along with his face, as a result of he was not a good-looking man, or as a result of the sunflower is proud of nature. The gardener tried in useless to win his favor, as even the sunflower turned in opposition to the gentle in order to not see the smiling face on it. It was a fairly embarrassing scenario, which the different flowers didn’t touch upon. However, the gardener didn’t fail to water the sunflower tree and renew its soil at the proper time. The proprietor of the backyard thought his worker wasted an excessive amount of time standing in entrance of the flower mattress, apparently doing nothing, and despatched him away after signing his work allow.

After the gardener left, the flowers turned unhappy and scolded themselves as a result of they didn’t encourage the sunflower to vary its perspective. The saddest of all was the sunflower, which didn’t settle for the man’s absence. “You handled her badly, now you are sorry?” “No,” he replied, “I’m unhappy as a result of I am unable to be imply to him anymore.” That’s my means of loving, he knew it and he favored it.”

In a poem titled “Your Secret,” Clarice Lispector attracts consideration to the flowers inside the vase or vase and the way they endure secretly with out us even understanding it:

Poisonous flowers in a vase. Purple, blue, purple, carpet air. How many belongings of the hospital. I’ve by no means seen something extra stunning and harmful. So that is your secret. Your secret is like yours in that it reveals nothing to me besides what I already know. And I do know so little as if I have been your riddle. As you might be mine.

Portuguese author José Saramago says in the poem “Alchemy” that gardens are extra stunning when individuals are glad.

Let’s excel, love, so flowers
The fragrance in the backyard didn’t die
In essence the crystal defends itself.
Let’s move the checks, cheers:
Do not warmth intuition with out hearth
That secret scent that emanates.

Castro Alves “Two flowers!” Toasts us with poetry.

The two flowers are united
Two roses are born
Perhaps by the similar gentle,
Living on the similar department,
From the similar mist,
From the similar sunbeam.

Together, in addition to feathers
From two small wings
A chicken in the sky…
like two doves,
Like a tribe of swallows
Afternoon in free curtains.

Joint, in addition to crying,
That many land in pairs
From the depth of sight…
Like sighs and sorrows,
Like dimples on the face,
Like the stars of the sea.

Combined… oh who might
In everlasting spring
Alive, who lives this flower.
Collect the roses of life
In inexperienced and flowery branches,
In the inexperienced department of love!

As we’ve got seen, there isn’t a scarcity of flower poems in our fountain of books and in the verses of our poets akin to Augusto Branco, born in Porto Velho, Rondonia.

Among his many poems about flowers, we’ve got chosen this one to shut immediately’s literary moment: “Stones and Flowers”.

People are very reactive: they have a tendency to offer again precisely what they obtain. They return good for good and evil for evil. But you, to be extraordinarily glad, will proceed in another way:

Replace all stones thrown at you with flowers. There will come a time when your enemies run out of stones, and to allow them to solely throw flowers at you from you.

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