The young man spent two years listening to love stories on the streets of SP and turned the reports into a book Santos and region

25-year-old Michael Xavier wrote the book “Escuto sua história de amor” with a assortment of actual stories he heard on the streets of Santos, on the edge of São Paulo. The young author began the venture 5 years in the past and spent virtually two years on the metropolis streets daily with a chair to hear to the indicators and stories.

A graduate in Letters, the book’s creator mentioned the starting of the venture of listening to stories from strangers was the music video for the tune “So Sei Dansa Com Walk” by Santos singer Tulipa Ruiz. In the manufacturing, a man walks down the avenue with a signal with the phrase ‘I’m listening to your love story’ and waits for strangers eager about sharing their love stories.

Michael then determined to carry this concept to the actual world. In an interview with G 1, he says he took the financial institution from his grandmother’s home and made a signal with the identical phrase utilized in the video clip. “I hoped somebody would share his story, however at the identical time I hoped nobody would get in contact,” he commented. According to him, the first days had been the ones during which he was most embarrassed.

“People took photos of me and I did not know the way to react,” Young mentioned of the venture’s inception.

25-year-old listens to unknown love stories and turns them into a book — Photo: Personal Archive

As the days handed, nevertheless, the young man, then 16, grew to become well-known in the Gonzaga region, the place he frequently arrange his benches and posters, ready for individuals to inform stories. He then feedback that the disgrace disappeared with time.

In parallel, the creator of the book mentioned that he shared updates about the venture on his social community. Thus, at the identical time as he grew to become recognized bodily, the venture was additionally gaining recognition on the internet, which additionally influenced some individuals to get in contact with him to be invited to take part in soirees and occasions due to the inventive venture.

In an interview with G 1 Michael feedback that from the starting of the venture, he was fascinated about placing the stories collectively for a book. Two years in the past, in 2019, the young man completed writing the book. He feedback that the stories included in “I Hear Your Love Story” had been chosen primarily based on the selection of plots, as there have been hundreds of shared stories.

Michael Xavier is ready for individuals to share love stories — picture: private archive

The young literature graduate commented that he realized the distinction in apply that listening to somebody can change somebody’s life. He reports that he has already been requested if he will get paid to inform love stories. “I hope it makes a distinction in somebody’s life in a roundabout way. Sometimes we simply want somebody to hear“, he factors out.

Also reported to Michael G 1 Those who imagine that the venture has overreached for individuals’s freedom to forged out the unknown. “Many commented that they had been solely sharing their experiences with me as a result of they didn’t know me”, he concludes.

The creator of the book mentioned that he additionally went by way of tense and conflicting conditions throughout the sensible section of the venture. “Once a lady was preventing with a man in the avenue, she noticed the signal and got here to speak to me. She mentioned she was going to the police station as a result of her colleague had torn her hair throughout the battle and he had her hair in his arms.. That day I spotted that I in all probability had a crucial position in her life, as a result of she kicked me out earlier than condemning such a sturdy battle”, he concluded.

Michael Xavier, SP in Santos Street — Photo: Personal Archive

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