‘Top Gun – Maverick’: Is it possible to love and hate the movie at the same time?

My oldest son, virtually a youngster, loves airplanes. He has been drawing them for just a few years, learning the fashions, the velocity, what every sort lends itself to, the scope.

It was by means of him that I discovered about the premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick,” a sequel to a movie I’d seen numerous occasions in my very own teenage years and the opening of which in all probability had my chest tingling, reverse Tom Cruise’s character. Pleasure and ache which I later realized was principally referred to as ardour.

I beloved the movie’s soundtrack, the chords of the theme track instantly stuffed me with a considerably heroic pleasure, as if I shared its glory with the pilot, and particularly with Maverick; Even immediately the refrain of “Take My Breath” immediately transports me to a time when the naive certainty of a blissful love future awaited me.

There we went to the cinema, my son, his buddy and me. Or reasonably: And we, Natalia and Natalia, as a result of the darkness of the room was divided, I used to be watching two movies. At first Natalia was thrilled by the scenes, shuddered by the refrain of her childhood, rooted for honor, for glory, for the destruction of enemies, as most American movies had taught me so effectively to really feel. The second felt, in the first place, the shameful disgrace of the first.

honor? fame? Destruction of enemies? Thinking of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, the South of the Earth, the second Natalia is totally conscious that American movies present the heroism of hegemony based mostly on exploitation, on massacres, on the bodily and cultural destruction of the whole lot that differs from a sure very best of life. , a great that’s sustained by the phantasm of the existence of such a factor as success, an phantasm that Hollywood movies come to replicate and sow.

Another Natalia was shocked by the applause she heard earlier than the airplane’s harmful maneuvers, desirous about the quantity of carbon emitted by every of them for the manufacturing of the movie and the coaching of the elite squad in actual life.

We left the screening considerably interrupted, and much more so: the second Natalia fought with the first to select the movie. To which she stated: Don’t be a idiot, Natalia, except you perceive me, your revolt might be ineffective and it will all the time finish in that well-known and nameless phrase: It is simpler to finish the world than capitalism.

An clever and exact sentence, however passive, as if the finish of the world was actually the street forward of us and there was no different.

If we proceed as we’re, there’ll really be none. The thought of ​​relaxation replaces relaxation, in the society of individuals who’ve simply completed working; The existence of some millionaires assures that changing into wealthy is possible and inside anybody’s attain; A glimpse of another person’s success establishes an obvious regular order, and any order, nevertheless uncomfortable, prices loads to break.

In “Top Gun: Maverick,” considered one of the values ​​embodied by Tom Cruise’s character as he matures is that coming again alive is as essential as mission success. Of course, this formulation doesn’t apply to enemies.

While the first Natalia surrendered to the palms to train: “Don’t assume, do”, the second realized that it could possibly be a manifestation of one thing that had the same roots as fascism; The first, then, contradicts itself, defending the movie: No, this formulation goes towards the extra of rationality that consumes our time, an extra that disconnects us from ourselves, from capacities aside from cognitive.

Both Natalia knew that the movie would have a contented ending. Both come to the conclusion that if they don’t make peace, if it will not be possible to convey one’s understanding to the emotional availability of the different, if they aren’t ready to articulate a change during which each are thought of, there might be no extra heroes. , no extra pleased endings, and neither do individuals.

The so-referred to as American dream has failed, and if it hasn’t, it should, and maybe the nostalgia that Top Gun celebrates is only a signal of it: the grandeur of the previous whereas, on this path we’re following, no glimpse of the future. Not anymore. Because the temperature of the planet is rising and the enemy, deep down, is us.

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