Unprecedented surgery that treated a rare disease of a Brazilian girl

  • Andre Biernath – @andre_biernath
  • From BBC News Brazil in London

deposited, Little Prince Hospital

picture caption,

Yasmin Garcia, 7, underwent minimally invasive surgery that fastened a significant issue rising behind her proper eye.

Yasmin Garcia’s story is one through which a easy episode, as we expertise every single day, can change a complete life.

A recreation of tug-of-war on the college set off a chain of occasions that, inside hours, required a seven-year-old girl to journey greater than 500 kilometers to bear emergency surgery.

Fortunately, the loss of imaginative and prescient and everlasting aesthetic harm that might outcome had been solved by minimally invasive surgery, carried out with a needle, which was carried out unprecedentedly in Brazil.

However, to know this true epic, it’s crucial to return 5 years.

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