Vaccination against Covid: More than 36% of children received a booster dose vaccines

Data from the Consortium of Press Vehicles this Monday (19) exhibits that is 170,511,162 Brazilians turn into absolutely immunized after they obtain a second dose or a single dose of vaccines. This quantity presents 79.37% of the full inhabitants of the nation. A booster dose was given 103,599,242 People, who correspond 48.22% of the inhabitants.

  • Anvisa accepted Pfizer vaccine against Covid for children aged 6 months to 4 years

A inhabitants aged 3 years and older (ie, the vaccinable inhabitants) that’s partially immunized 90.47% and the inhabitants 3 years and older who’ve been absolutely vaccinated 85.19%.

A booster dose was given 57.67% Population aged 12 years and older, the age group that may at present obtain booster vaccination.

complete, is 14,087,940 Children have been dosed, who’ve been partially vaccinated. This quantity represents approx 53.31% Of the inhabitants on this age group who received the primary dose. Still on this monitor, is 9,612,360 Fully immune When taking the second dose of the vaccine, which corresponds to 36.38% Population of this group.

  • Total people who find themselves absolutely immunized (those that received two doses or one dose): 170,511,162 (79.37% of complete inhabitants and 85.19% of vaccinable inhabitants*)
  • Total individuals receiving booster dose: 103,599,242 (48.22% of the full inhabitants and 57.67% of the vaccineable inhabitants**)
  • Total people who find themselves partially immunized (those that received just one of the required doses): 181,074,188 (84.29% of complete inhabitants and 90.47% of vaccinable inhabitants*)
    *Population aged 3 years and above
    **Population 12 years and older
  • Total quantity of children aged 3 to 11 who received their first dose: 14,087,940 (53.31% of the inhabitants between the ages of 3 and 11)
  • Total quantity of children aged 3 to 11 years absolutely immunized: 9,612,360 (36.38% of the inhabitants between the ages of 3 and 11)
  • Total dose utilized: 454,995,863 (85.78% of doses disbursed in states)
  • Total dose utilized: 455,184,592 (85.82% of doses disbursed in states)
  • 17 states and DF launched new knowledge: GO, AC, SE, MA, PI, BA, RO, CE, AL, ES, MS, DF, PB, RJ, SP, MT, AM, SC
  • 9 states haven’t launched new knowledge: AP, MG, PA, PE, PR, RN, RR, RS, TO

The states of SP, RJ, MA, TO and AP don’t differentiate the quantity of third and fourth doses. For this motive, the booster proportion might enhance.

The end result of the survey is Participation of Consortium of Press Vehicles shaped by g1“O Globo”, “Extra”, “O Estado de S. Paulo”, “Folha de S. Paulo” and UOL. Monitoring of vaccination knowledge began from January 21.

The Consortium of Press Vehicles was created in June 2020, in response to President Jair Bolsonaro’s resolution to limit entry to knowledge on the pandemic, on the time. The bulletin at present studies the quantity of individuals killed by the coronavirus, the quantity of contaminated individuals and the shifting common, an indicator by which it’s doable to verify during which states the brand new coronavirus epidemic is rising, lowering or stagnating.

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