Valentine’s Day: Any form of love is worth loving

Traditional, various, non-monogamous, homosexual, {couples} share their tales of love, respect and friendship

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on June 12 in Brazil. The solely business date, conceived by publicist Joao Doria in 1948, was a method to extend gross sales in a month that was declining. Combining the helpful with the nice, Doria created one of probably the most awaited dates by {couples}, combining the celebration of Saint Anthony, the matchmaker saint on the thirteenth, with an occasion that evokes love.

sIt is simple to know concerning the date and take benefit of the revenue it brings, however when residing, solely what one feels can clarify it. This is the case of Emilie de Fatima Costa dos Santos, self-employed, 32, and her boyfriend, Naguib Charon Neto, financial institution clerk, 31, who’ve been in a steady union for 11 years and have by no means felt the necessity. To marry, as a lot as society. “The precedence is to dwell nicely and be glad subsequent to one another”, mentioned Swayt. The banker provides: “It was not essential to consummate our relationship. Our alternative is to journey, take pleasure in life. We really feel married already.”

For many individuals the concept of ​​relationship assumes that individuals have been collectively for some time. Not essential. There are individuals who have been married for many years and nonetheless really feel like boyfriends. Jose Firmino de Abreu, well being secretary, 70, and Dalvani Oliveira de Abreu, retiree, 71, are examples.

Married for 48 years, Jose Firmino and Dalwani revealed that the key to lasting love is a set of causes. “God is in our lives, our kids, our grandchildren, the love, admiration and respect we now have for one another”, mentioned the well being secretary. The pensioner validates what her husband says, emphasizing the significance of respect, which all the time prevails between them.

In a month that celebrates love, LGBTQIA+ pleasure is additionally celebrated. The story of college students Leonardo Damaseno Antunes and Eduardo Andre Castro dos Santos, each 19 years previous, overflows with ardour. Together, they overcame the boundaries of homophobia and managed to dwell a extra dignified life. “One choice was to go away the nation and dwell with him out of the country as a result of of robust prejudice”, Antunes reported.

Despite this, Eduardo says that her and her boyfriend’s household’s relationship has all the time been based mostly on respect. “My mom, stepfather and brother love him. I’m certain there will not be any downside.” This would be the first 12 months that the couple will formally date as boyfriends, having fun with a day at house with film periods, accompanied by tons of meals and romance.

There are many types of love on this world, some of that are misunderstandings. But who mentioned you have to? Teacher Carla Quaresma, 26, and girlfriend Alice Liberte, 25, a cultural producer, have been in an open relationship because the starting of their relationship and are usually not open to opinions interfering with the couple’s dynamic. “I do not permit room for different folks to intervene,” Liebert studies.

This mannequin consists of non-monogamous, mutually consensual romantic relationships. In different phrases, the couple permits themselves to have relationships with different folks with out feeling betrayed. Trust is the muse of a relationship, and there is no scarcity of them. “It is simple to belief an individual. It is free from possession and ego to benefit from the creation of companionship”, explains the instructor.

On Valentine’s Day, these and different {couples} need to take pleasure in high quality time with those they love, purchase presents, and make declarations of love.

By Gabriel Pantoja and Gabriel Nogueira (beneath the supervision of editor Prof. Antonio Carlos Pimentel).


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