Vera Fisher: ‘I’m a Feminist, but Not Possessed’ – 09/17/2022 – Monica Bergamo

Vera Fisher is in love. The chosen one is Yuki, a kitten discovered within the trash who has been with him for one yr and three months. “I like that cat.”

About relationship Manav, the actress says she shouldn’t be within the temper. “But I’m not useless. I flirt a lot,” she says. In addition to Yuki, she says her dedication is now to work: she is presently performing with the play “Quondo Eu for me quero amar esse jeto” on the Teatro Raúl Cortez in São Paulo.

And he says he has many different tasks. One of them is the Netflix film “A Christmas Full of Grace,” which premieres later within the yr. In the story, she performs the mom of “the guts of creation” Sergio Malheiros. “I put on a brief wig, as a result of I did not need to be me, I needed to be completely different. And then I tumble proper originally of the film, and the entire plot is with a bandage in the midst of my face. It’s already humorous simply to take a look at it. “, Reveals.

An actual-life downfall she says she took when she staged a play in a small theater presently in SP throughout a manufacturing tour of different cities within the nation. The gown wrapped across the stage curtain, and Vera fell to the ground. Actor Muhammad Harfauch, taking part in his son within the manufacturing, improvised: “Mommy, you fell.” She adopted the lead: “I’m outdated, outdated man falls”, she says with a smile.

Vera, Miss Brazil in 1969 and lifelong intercourse image, says she sees getting older as a liberating course of. “I’ve the soul of a youngster,” he explains. It additionally claims to not apply botox or facial fillers. “I do not need to be flat, I need to be the best way I’m”.

Despite a minor downside within the hip and the opposite knee, he insists on exhibiting his backbone that he stays versatile and has loads of vitality. “I did classical ballet as a youngster. I do some issues. I’ll do it for you”, he says. After that, he sits on the ground, within the viewers of the Teatro Raúl Cortez, and spreads his legs like a break up. “It’s very straightforward for me to do these items,” he provides.

During the 40 minutes of the interview, Vera Fisher speaks rapidly and switches from one matter to a different. She calls herself a feminist, but with out being a pamphleteer. She states that she stops utilizing medication when she desires to and that she confronted a lot of harassment from TV and film administrators, but she all the time managed to “get away”. “I by no means needed to give to anybody [para conseguir papéis]”, he says.

You dose solely when the query is about politics. “I’m not the pamphleteer sort,” he repeated.

Read key excerpts from the dialog under.


I will likely be 71 in two months [Vera faz aniversário em 27 de novembro]. I’ve by no means had a downside with getting outdated, as a result of I’ve the soul of a youngster. I’ve a childlike spirit.

People say: ‘Vera did face filler, for positive.’ If I had fillers, my face would look big, as a result of I have already got a huge face. I cannot do this. And I do not like Botox as a result of I’m an actress. I need to get my expressions. I do not need to be straightforward. I need to keep the best way I’m.

The solely factor I do not like for myself – possibly at some point I’ll do it, but not now – bleaching my hair. Because I’m so white. Fafa de Belem, who could be very darkish skinned, will get a lot of solar and has white hair. Then I feel it is stunning.

outdated outdated

Has a liberating aspect [em envelhecer]. I had a therapist who stated: ‘Vera, it’s best to all the time look stunning with make-up. You cannot even go to a bakery with out make-up.’

And I adopted as a result of she was my therapist. After the epidemic, my staff disappeared, I stated goodbye to everybody. I’ve a secretary who lives in her home. I do all the things. I’m going to the bakery, hortifruity, grocery store. I tie my hair up and placed on my sun shades or prescription glasses, and I’m going with none make-up.

I’m going as I’m. It is liberation. I journey on planes, I’m going locations, I’m going to dinner, with out make-up. This is what I discovered in Epidemic: Why present one thing to others? I need to be proud of myself.

Of course I feel for the general public. But if I’ve to play a character with none make-up, I’ll too. When I give an interview, I attempt to placed on a little lipstick, “a little blush” and that is it. But I’m not that one who wears false eyelashes. I am unable to get up.

Exit Globe

Today I’m even freer, and I’ll inform you why: this factor of being employed at Globo from the age of 26 till the epidemic… I used to be pressured to do what they provided. Now, I’m not anymore.

I used to be despatched in March 2020. I used to be afraid. I obtained dwelling, cried a little and stated, ‘You know what? I’ll take the wine. I drank my wine, calmed down and thought: no turning again. Then I grew to become actually completely happy.

The novel is one thing that now not appeals to me. But if a good character comes alongside… as a result of now I can select. I’m not mad about it, as a result of I already misplaced the contract. By all means it’s essential to adapt to the brand new actuality.

No extra pointless. I’m making an attempt to maneuver home, as a result of I reside alone in a penthouse with a pool. You need to climb stairs, water the crops. I do not need this anymore. I would like a place there in Leblon, but small, with out stairs or swimming pool. I do not want it anymore.

Feminism and relationship

I’m a feminist, but I’m not possessed. You know that speech that needs to be made right here and there? I hate the pamphleteer sort, no matter it’s. I think about myself a feminist, but additionally a lady. [risos]. Don’t neglect Maya.

I’m not relationship, but I’m not useless. I flirt a lot. Live, not on the web. Sometimes on a aircraft, in a restaurant, on the road.

After my two marriages, all of the boyfriends went to their homes and I went to mine. But now I do not need dedication. I would not even have time. And we’ve to reside in its “vibe”. I’m in a work vibe and in love with my cat.

Eternal youngster

I’ve a very infantile factor. Sometimes adults annoy me. I like being with kids and people who find themselves extra open-minded, free. I used to be all the time free. I by no means had a relationship with something. I’ve by no means married [no papel]. i’m single

And I do not care in regards to the extensions adults make with cash and what they assume is vital. I worth what I worth. I like, for instance, individuals, but actual individuals.

People say, ‘Oh, you will need to have posture’. Folks, I’m not a beautiful woman, I’m not a goddess, I’m nothing. But if you happen to think about all of them, I’m additionally all of them.

Middle individuals [artístico] There is a bias as a result of they assume they’re extra [que os outros]. I do not assume anymore [que ninguém]. I desire to be like this naturally with everybody.


[Na juventude] I did not need to be an actress, I did not need to be something. I simply needed to work and assist myself. I assumed like this: if I miss, win Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil, my father will let me out of the home and that is it. I imagined it. And I’m a little bit of a witch at this level, once I give it some thought, it really works.

I haven’t got that temper. When I used to be 20, I used to be requested to make my first movie, which was “The Super Female”. The director advised me: ‘But it’s important to be bare’. And I stated: ‘No downside’. Because it is not. Nudity is one factor, intercourse is one other. Brazilians have a behavior of associating nudity with intercourse. I’m not. I grew up considering that nudity is nudity, and intercourse is one thing else.


Until I used to be 25, I used to say: ‘I work, but I’m not an actress’. Although I had already carried out movies and all the things, I hadn’t carried out a cleaning soap opera but.

At 25, me and Perry [o ator e diretor Perry Salles]My first husband, we made a film, “Intimacy”. [1975]. After that movie, I stated: ‘Now I’m an actress’. Do you understand you could have this readability?

Men and harassment

I fell sufferer to prejudice and artificiality in tv and flicks. But I’ve all the time been very quirky and really humorous. am i able to inform you one thing I do not know if that is good to submit or not [ela silencia por alguns segundos]

I will not say. But it’s one thing that the director desires [a coluna a questiona se era uma situação de assédio, e ela confirma].

I gave a solution that one can not think about. I talked about menstruation, issues like that. The particular person grew disgusted, disgusted, disgusted, disgusted. He by no means stated something once more.

I all the time obtained away with not getting out of labor and with the ability to lower individuals excessive on the similar time. I by no means meant to present it to anybody. I’ll go away the novel [se precisasse transar com o diretor]If that had been the case.

Others have had or might have melancholy [no trabalho]. This type of recreation, I’ve by no means performed. i’m free

I feel individuals ought to, sure, speak about harassment [como é falado hoje em dia]. But after 20 years of speaking? Ah, sorry… why did not you defend your self? [antes]? No nails and tooth? Women have this critical flaw of not talking up or defending themselves. I do not know what. Why must you count on assist from Me Too?

But I’m additionally completely different. Everyone is as they’re. I feel everybody ought to do what they assume. I respect everybody.

Press and memes

What did we’ve till we had the Internet and social networks? We had the press, did not we? And the press says what it desires. Always spoke. From me then!

I feel it is humorous as a result of another person talks like that [se refere à atriz Christiane Torloni]: ‘It’s rock day, child’. Then it turns into a meme. But my memes are funnier. [Ela cita, rindo, manchetes de revistas antigas que viralizaram nas redes sociais nos últimos anos, como uma da revista “Quem” que traz a seguinte frase polêmica de Vera na capa: “Tem dois anos que não faço sexo”].

[Apesar de se divertir com os memes, ela afirma que se incomodava com a imprensa na época]. Because they intervened bravely, they stopped on the door of my home. And I’m combating for my private life.

Today, I’ve my profile on the social community, which has my title on it. What I write there, I write. If individuals need to consider what others say, that’s their downside. I’m on the market saying mine, to my crowd.


How many thousands and thousands of individuals haven’t taken medication and are in a unhealthy means today, they’re outdated, they’re unhealthy within the head? I’m not.

I’ll cease once I advised myself [de usar drogas], closed. When I order myself, it is stronger, it is safer. I feel I consider in myself extra.


I do not like to speak about it [política]. But I need to vote. I’m that type of political particular person. A pamphleteer, I’m not.


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