who goes Globo defines the team that travels to Qatar for the World Cup; The experienced narrator lives in Brazil and wonders

The globe Queues to cowl his team World Cup 2022 no. Among the narrators, Galvao Bueno And Luis Roberto is in the team and will broadcast dwell from the host nation. Kleber Machado, the broadcaster’s veteran narrator, is surprisingly left off the listing. It will describe the departure of the studio in Brazil.

– Joe Soares, Brazilian leisure icon and Fluminense fan dies

In addition to Kleber, narrator Renata Silvera can even narrate the video games immediately from Globo’s studio.

The broadcaster can even convey commentators Caio Ribeiro, Roger Flores, Jr. and Ana Thais Matos to the queue. Paulo Nunes, Richarlison and Ricardinho have been referred to as up in the squad that will keep in Brazil.

Among the journalists, Eric Faria and Kiko Menezes can even stamp Qatari passports. Thiago Leifert and Fernanda Colombo will proceed in Brazil for the protection of the Cup matches on Globoplay.

On Sport TV, commentators Louise Keller Jr. and Milton Leit go to Qatar. Already in distant transmission are Everaldo Marquez, Jader Rocha and Rogerio Correa. Gabriela Ribeiro and Guilherme Pereira are amongst the team of reporters to journey to the World Cup nation.

The World Cup can be held from November 21 to December 18 and the first match can be performed Brazil Thursday, November 24, towards Serbia, at 16:00 Brazilian time.

See the full Globo team listing:

Team queue

Narrators and commentators – TV Globo
Galvao Bueno
Luis Roberto
Ana Thais Matos
Caio Ribeiro
Roger Flores

Narrators and commentators – Sportv
Luiz Carlos Jr
Milton Leith
Ladio Carmona
Paulo Vinicius Coelho

Production of occasions
Julio Cesar Bueno
Carlos Henrique Mendoza

Football occasions
Fabio Sanchez
Pedro Ribeiro

Cup planning

Marcela Zaiden
Andrea Alves
Claudio Rolim
Margarida Rodriguez
Maria’s Fair

Roof high administration
Ricardo Barricoa

Brazil nationwide team

Reporting Manager
Priscilla Carvalho

Deborah Gares
Eric Faria
Gabriela Ribeiro
Guilherme Pereira
Kiko Menezes


Alvaro St. Anna
Marcelo Bastos
Ulysses Mendes


Marcio Inanca
Victor Pozella

ge.globo producers
Bruno Casucci
Cahê Mota
Rafael Zarco

particular producer
João Ramlho

dwell groups
Carol Barcellos
Felipe Andreoli
Karin Alves
Fabiano Sperandio
Flavio Henrique
Rae Olivera
Giovanna Biotto
Paloma Fukusig

Other decisions

Reporting Manager
Lucia’s Fair

Carlos Gil
Edgar Alencar
Edson Vienna
Felipe Brisola
Guto Rabelo
Julia Guimaraes
Marcelo Courage
Pedro Basson


Beto Kaulino
Edu Bernardis
Jonathan Santos
Julio Aguirre
Louis Soncini
Ronaldo Goncalo

Ivan Raupp
Mauricio Olivera
Rafael Honorio
Rodrigo Araujo

ge.globo producers
Daniel Mundim
Martin Fernandez

Copa Central Team + EE

Lucas Gutierrez
Henrique Arcowarde

GloboPlay Team (Doc Galvao)
Rafael Carneiro
Vanessa Santilli

Cast in Brazil

Narrators and commentators – TV Globo
Cleber Machado
Gustavo Villani
Renata Silveira
Paulo Nunes
+ Guests

Narrators and commentators – Sportv
Everaldo Marques
Jader Rocha
Julio Olivera
Natalia Lara
Rogerio Correa
Mauricio Noriega
Renata Mendonsa
PC Vasconcelos
Alexandre Lozetti
Fabio Jr
+ Guests

Whistle Center

Janet Archangel
PC Olivera
Salvio Spinola
Sandro Mira Ricci

Globoplay broadcast
Tiago Leifert
Fernanda Colombo
+ Guests

Programs – TV Globo
Cup middle

Alex Escobar
+ Guests

Fantastic sport

Barbara Coelho
Tiago Medeiros

Globe Sports
Tiago Medeiros

Programs – Sportv

Qatar National Team
Andre Rizek
Marcelo Barretto
+ Guests

Exchange of passes
Felipe Dinez
Barbara Coelho
Carlos Eduardo Mansur

It’s in the cup

Magno Navarro
Igor Rodrigues
+ Guests

Sportv information
Mariana Fontes
Andre Loffredo
Luiz Teixeira
Camilla Carelli

Gabriela Moreira


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