Why do we feel sleepy after eating heavy food or doing too much work – 12/20/2022

It’s widespread to go to sleep after eating barbecue, an enormous plate of feijoada, or overindulging in food at Christmas. This sensation, often known as postprandial lethargy or “food coma,” is because of the complicated levels our our bodies undergo to digest every little thing we swallow.

The bigger the quantity of food, the extra vitality we must digest and due to this fact, your digestive system must focus extra on this course of, inflicting failure to deal with different duties and fatigue.

Certain meals exacerbate this fatigue?? Especially easy carbohydrates (pasta, bread, white rice, sweets), which have a excessive glycemic index. This occurs as a result of they trigger blood glucose (blood sugar) to rise immediately after which drop rapidly, inflicting a lack of vitality.

Fatty meals or too much protein Also makes the method tough, because the digestion of those vitamins is sluggish.

Drinking alcohol with a big meal could make you sleepy, Because alcohol has a sedative impact and in addition slows down the speed of digestion.

The velocity at which you additionally swallow food interveneBecause those that eat too quick eat extra food – our mind takes a sure period of time (about 20 minutes) to obtain the sign that we are full and may cease eating.

In addition to chewing food properly and “eating slowly,” I all the time deliver up the significance of mindfulness, which is a superb technique, particularly for individuals who compulsively eat. Being conscious of what you are eating helps you higher management how briskly you eat and helps cut back your pointless calorie consumption.

Finally, some diseases can improve fatigue or have an effect on put up-meal vitality ranges.??

  • Diabetes
  • Food intolerance or allergy
  • Thyroid Hypoactive or hypothyroidism

If you proceed to feel torpid after eating, see a physician to ensure it is not attributable to a well being downside.

How to keep away from

  • Do not overeat
  • Always select wholesome food
  • Assemble balanced meals with ample quantities of protein, fats and carbohydrates
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Limit consumption of sugar and different refined carbohydrates
  • Good finger


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