You might have gone into a food coma and didn’t even realize – know how serious it is – NiT

You’re most likely in a food coma and didn’t even realize it — discover out how serious it is

Like alcohol, once we eat an excessive amount of of it, the physique suffers the implications. Lethargy and restlessness are two of them.

It will be extra harmful than you assume.

Remember the final lunch or dinner you ate a lot? Perhaps he now not remembers any of the dishes, solely the inexplicable lethargy and profound discomfort he skilled are saved in his reminiscence. You might not know it, however you could have fallen into a food coma. If you do not wish to undergo a comparable state of affairs this Christmas, discover out what you are able to do to keep away from falling asleep on the sofa after dinner.

Just as there is an alcoholic coma (extreme alcohol consumption), there is additionally a time period for the dangerous temper related to overeating. “It is much like postprandial fatigue, which is characterised by a drop in blood glucose ranges for as much as 4 hours after a meal, leading to malaise, fatigue, lethargy. This situation is exacerbated when meals wealthy in fat and carbohydrates are consumed”, explains Patricia Cebola, specialist normally and household medication of the Clara Saude group, to NiT. Along with fatigue comes effectively-being. “Heartburn, belly ache and elevated reflux are the results of so-referred to as food coma”. A situation can have adversarial lengthy-time period well being results.

The scientific title for this situation is postprandial lethargy and it is associated to the blood movement required for digestion. When we end consuming, the food reaches the abdomen and the focus of blood movement is obligatory to begin the digestive course of. This diverts blood to the gastrointestinal tract, which implies its presence within the mind is decreased. This is nothing greater than our organism sending us a message to cut back power expenditure, in order that it can prioritize the absorption of vitamins. However, for folks affected by low blood stress, the issue will be extra serious, as it can result in fainting.

Certain meals exacerbate this postprandial drowsiness, significantly sweets, fried meals and alcoholic drinks, “particularly alcohol”. “And this occurs as a result of they trigger a sudden rise in blood glucose (sugar stage within the blood), which then drops quickly, inflicting a drop in power. Fatty meals and extreme protein consumption additionally complicate the method, as these vitamins are gradual to digest.

“Excessive fats consumption can improve levels of cholesterol, that are chargeable for a giant a part of coronary heart illness”, underlines the physician of basic and household well being. In the case of sweets, the issue is the discharge of insulin. “By incessantly consuming sweets stuffed with sugar, we have to spend extra to digest this substance and it can have an effect on our future. If this occurs repeatedly, years later we will have a lack of insulin, which finally triggers sort 2 diabetes.”

How to keep away from food coma

“The most necessary factor is to cut back the quantity of food we eat”, highlights Patricia Cebola. Adding that the velocity with which we do it is necessary: “We ought to eat slowly and chew food effectively as a result of mandibular stress and quick consuming could cause heartburn”. Additionally, it takes about 20 minutes for our mind to obtain the sign that we’re full and we will cease consuming.

In these instances (and all over the place else) water is our greatest buddy — the trick to getting out of a food coma extra simply is to extend hydration. “Water is a diuretic, due to this fact, it causes extra substances, particularly sugars, to be excreted extra shortly. The sooner this organism leaves, the quicker the restoration might be.”

“Sleep is restorative”, as the traditional sages mentioned. And like an alcoholic coma, a hangover from a food coma is solely absolutely cured after a good evening’s sleep. However, one shouldn’t rush to mattress to eliminate discomfort as quickly as doable. “Sleeping instantly after consuming is not advisable”, warns the knowledgeable. “You ought to wait about two hours to ensure the well being does not worsen”. You ought to attempt to get about eight hours of sleep that evening and it is beneficial that you simply make up for it with bodily train the subsequent day. “Walking, at the very least half an hour at a brisk tempo, will assist the physique get well”, assures a specialist normally and household medication.

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